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A taxi driver was sharing a wonderful incident that happened in his life. Once an American woman entered her taxi, the taxi driver dropped her to destiny.

After some time the woman realizes that she has forgotten her bag in the taxi. He has valuables in that bag such as money and some debit cards. She was nervous about those people and felt that the taxi driver had gone somewhere else. How can she get her luggage?

When she was thinking about this, the taxi driver came back and gave her her luggage. The Woman immediately checked her bag as she seemed to be spoiling everything and no precious items were lost.

She is shocked to see his honesty and inquires about him and learns about his family. His wife is suffering from a murderous disease. He is in a critical condition, his children were not going to school because they did not pay their fees, he was not allowed to go to school, even he did not have a proper home to live.

Knowing this, the women appreciated the honesty of the taxi drivers and went to the place where they were staying. He hospitalized his wife with the best treatment, and paid the fee for his proper education to his children, giving the taxi driver a home. From this we can understand how honesty plays an important role in one’s life.

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