How does childhood trauma make you sad in adulthood?


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How does childhood depression affect you

We always cherish the sweet memories of our childhood, we always remember, but not for everyone. Who have childhood assault, emotional or physical abuse, or any other means of injury. We already saw a blog about how parenting makes a psychopath not everyone become psychopathic. Some people can make their world compressed, depressed, stressed and they will think they deserve it. To know if you have depression due to childhood trauma, we can look for 7 signs that will give evidence. (But not purely professional under analysis)

First to remember parents or soon No age for depression or condition or condition or problem of work or money. Children can develop depression at the age of 6 or perhaps even younger. Lately the age of depression of children is decreasing. Depression is related to feelings, affection, speaking / scolding / blaming you (even if you care so much). Come Go to topic

Symptoms of depression

Are you always depressed?

Will you be sad about everything? , Whatever you always seem sad about. There is some emptiness in your heart. When you have a depressed childhood, it is 20 times more likely to be depressive. Can you remember when you are not depressed? You have lived for a long time but you cannot identify yourself yet?

You don’t have happy memories

Do you feel upset and more sad to hear someone talk about their childhood memories?. It may be because you have been treated unfairly, abused or have a destructive life in childhood that you do not want to see back. When someone mentions childhood memories you can remember your trauma. Mentally affects you in adulthood.

You don’t know how to handle your feelings

You were a kid who angrily threw a tantrum Not when you learned how to control your emotions from a young age. its Getting worse in adulthood. After dealing with feelings like sadness, anger, this loneliness can lead you to depression.

Your self esteem is low

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Do you always distance yourself from the outside world? According to the American Psychological Association Feelings of valuelessness are related to childhood trauma or wrong events. This prevents them from seeing things on the positive side and shrinking into their world outside of anxiety and depression.

Difficult to maintain close social relationships

Do you isolate yourself From social activities or your loved ones? One who is depressed since childhood has a difficult time finding social connections. Your past events hold you back from finding a relationship, you are emotionally vulnerable, out of fear of being hurt, insecure with the traumatic experience of your childhood and wary of love.

You go blank when things go wrong

When you stop things going wrong, it is because your childhood depression did not teach you how to deal with or overcome obstacles. You will easily give up no matter how much you want because you are not used to it. Your childhood depression pierced your emotional maturity to face challenges. They can also blame themselves for your failures.

You don’t expect anything

Do you always live in despair, because you have lived most of your life in the hope of things, but it will not be expected? Then you deliberately give up, you will not be motivated or anything to avoid getting hurt again. You are always in shock and remorse of your past. As you grow it will reduce your depression

If you think some signs are related to yourself. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor. Test your depression level using this link is for today

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