How to find if someone is lying? – body language


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Lie with body language

Whenever it comes to relationships or friendships or politics or business, we always have confidence in the issues. We sometimes want some magical trick to reduce lies. We can cut through body language but rely on body language. Beyond body language Sometimes body language can make decisions so we need to pay attention to their other apathy. (If you are close with them). But be cautious doubt can harm your relationships. Well, using it on strangers at the initial level will strengthen your relationship in the future.

We will see body language along with words, before that, there are Some myths. If someone crosses his arms, it means that he does not like you or is hostile on your behalf. It’s just self-pleasing, we won’t do it when we’re alone, we can do it while watching movies. The second myth is that when they roll their eyes from left to right or upside down it means lying, but not all the time. They are simply processing their thoughts inside their mind. to find out more Click This.FBI Special Agent explaining body language

Worrying activities:

To know if they are lying or not, you need to analyze them closely (all minute things that you find indifferent). The way they greet you, the way they stand. Some people may continue to cover their clothes, fidgeting, legs. But you know what their common self is, so if you Encounter something indifferent to your normal self. They are hiding something.

Words and body won’t sync

You can see their anxious activities with more body language that is not in sync with their words. His words may sound cool, but they won’t work They will use non-dominated hands to lie. If you are close then you know that he is left or right handed

Rocking back and forth:

They will be moving back and forth (indicating movement). this is due to There are two hemispheric oddities in our brain, The fraudster feels that his weight is on one leg. When he makes a speech, it is considered dishonest in politics.


Like rocking, the asymmetry of the two hemispheres back and forth also plays a role here, if they tilt their head while saying something. what does this mean They are unsure of what they are saying

Reverse technique:

If you think they are lying, Ask them to reverse the scenes, Our brains need more time to set things. This is a more complex activity than telling the truth. If you think they stutter and get stuck, then something is good.

Confidence level and tone:

Pay attention to their confidence level, even if they initially tried to remain calm, it would not last long. Ask questions, challenging questions Between their story, confidence level, and The tone will change in fear.


They always want to leave their The body must be facing an exit to escape mentally or physically, Fear of being asked too many questions. They will try to Dodge your questions.

More words

You may feel, your friend is explaining very fast and very worrying. They will give vague answers


Look at their body language, they can be

  • fidgeting,
  • biting nails,
  • to sweat,
  • A strange smile on their face to cover their embarrassment (busted!)
  • shrugging,
  • Too much blinking than normal (maybe some sand!)
  • Expressions and words will not sync.

trust your instincts, Your instinct will help you in many ways and know if the situation feels improved. But why can’t people still lie? The reason for this is that we believe in procedural theory rather than relying on our tendency. So just trust your instinct

The main thing we know is not to go to a conclusion without a thorough analysis, these signs will not fit all people. If you are unsure, ask them calmly, communicate with them, do not hesitate to show your care. That’s all for today

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