How to score good marks in exam


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exam pressure

exam For school, college, office, or any job is conducted in every field. We cannot survive the ordeal in our life. We have to take the exam because we have no other option. Some people score good marks and some people get low marks but we all want to get good marks in short time. There are some hacks that people use to score good marks and today we will discuss how to get good marks in the exam. We will discuss all practical methods that are easy to implement and produce fast results.

One week for an exam

We all study a day before the exam and we are all guilty of that bitter fact. When we study a day before the exam we put a lot of pressure on our brain. We try to learn many things at once in a very short time. Therefore, we forget most of the things in the examination hall.

So start studying that subject 1 week before the exam. You will have plenty of time to study everything and you can amend that 1 week time also. You can also study 2 subjects at a time so that you can cover most of the syllabus in less time.

Late night studies

Students have a habit of studying till late night and some students do not even sleep a day before the exam. It will relieve sleep and fatigue. Less sleep will cause less reaction to the subjects you studied for the exam. Although some people prefer to study till late at night, sleeping early at night and getting up early in the morning is advisable for study or modification.

How to score good marks in exam

Students should get at least 7 hours of sleep before the exam because when you get a good sleep before the exam then you are more likely to score more marks and retain all the studied subjects.

When we sleep, our brain feeds all the data of our brain so that we remember everything for the exam. Therefore, all students are advised to have a good night’s sleep before the exam.

Writing notes

A survey confirms that those who make notes for their exam preparation retain more baggage than those who do not make notes.

How to score good marks in exam

People making notes are writing the things they want to learn and in the process, they are learning all the things they write and this practice sends a signal to the brain that we are doing some important studies. Making notes will also be beneficial for you as you are mentioning your notes before the exam and you can make a quick revision from your notes.

Syllabus technique

If we do not have too much time to study or you are too late to complete the entire syllabus in a very short time, then I have a technique whereby you can score at least 70%. This syllabus technique is tested and tested and it works all the time.

You should have a syllabus for the exam in which the names of all the subjects are written for each chapter. Just read all the subject names and study at least the definitions and examples of that topic so that you know what that word means.

Syllabus technique

Make notes of all syllabus topics in a book and the definition should be a minimum of 4 lines with examples and do so for every subject and for each subject. The syllabus technique will help you to know about every topic that is going to come for the exam in a nutshell.

This technique will help you to attempt all the questions in the exam paper because you have covered all the topics briefly, all you have to do is answer that question and make sure to write at least one page of the answer if necessary. Do it Make sure the additional content you are going to write should be related to the content. Every teacher will score because you have written some material related to the question.

I tried this method many times and I got results every time.

Modification time

Revision is one of the lowest aspects of the study. Although, some people revise before the exam, most people do not revise before the exam. Make sure that you can keep the last 1-2 hours for revision only because then you check how much you missed.

How to score good marks in exam

A bonus tip, try studying in groups as this way you will teach others in the process. You will retain more material for the exam just make sure you study with those who are serious about studying and exam.

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