How to sleep well at night


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How to fix night sleep problems

Can not sleep: Avoid caffeine several hours before bedtime. Exercise in the morning or afternoon and remove your phone at least one hour before you sleep.

Snoring: Try sleeping on your side and spread your head a few inches. You can also clean your sinuses with saline and avoid alcohol.

Neck pain: You change the pillow at least every two years. People reported that in one study the latex pillow was the most comfortable.

Can not sleep: Avoid alcohol before bed, as it can reduce the amount of time spent in deep REM sleep. Make sure your room is set between 68 ° or 71 ° F.

Acid reflux: Talk to your doctor about the medication problem, try sleeping on your left side on an elevated pillow.

Shoulder pain: Do not sleep on your side. If you are a side sleeper and have pain in only one shoulder, try sleeping on the other side
Try sleeping on the other side.

Can’t get up: Try to wake up around the same time every day on weekends so that your body gets used to it.

Leg cramps: You can try to massage the area, apply heat to the muscles and relieve pain.

Back pain: Add a pillow under your thighs, if you sleep on your stomach, or under your feet. If you sleep on your back.

Always end the night with positive thinking.

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