How to use time efficiently?


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We know how there is an epidemic in our country. This year the lockout due to coronavirus continues till 30 March 2020.

At the time of March, all schools and universities and colleges were closed due to coronaviruses. All educational activities were stopped due to coronovirus. The holidays were declared. But the holidays continued for so many months. The academic course was not completed. Students were unable to meet their academic needs.

But how can students use this epidemic time? This is the main question that has been presented to him. How can they use this time efficiently? But how can they use this time to reach their educational goals and their real-time goals?

Here are some ways to use the time of an epidemic efficiently.

1. Students can contact so many learning platforms like Udmi, Cortesera, etc. These online platforms provide so many courses that are highly qualified for the candidates. And these platforms are providing highly qualified content and highly qualified patrons. And there is also a doubt clarification session which is provided directly with the masters to clear the doubt. And these online platforms are also providing free e-library for reference to the candidates. And so many companies are offering free coupons to access courses from these platforms for free. So these are providing a great opportunity to learn new things with all the requirements.

2. Coders for some platforms like Hackerrank, Hackathons with Udemy and Coursera online platforms are there to improve their coding properties. These candidates will face challenges and have to be resolved. Candidates will get batches and medals and ranks based on the challenges they solve

3. and another opportunity for students to improve their knowledge. That is the webinar. Many platforms are providing free online webinars for students who are imparting knowledge to students very efficiently. And these forums are providing free e-certification for the students which is very useful for their future. These online webinars are providing brief knowledge on a particular subject. And these are very useful for acquiring tacit knowledge as they do not require any previous knowledge.

4. There is another opportunity for students to improve their communication skills. So many non-government and government forums are providing internships for students who are keen to improve their soft skills. These companies are providing certification based on their performance and the score they get. So students are excited to improve their skills, at least for certifications.

5.So many companies are working from home like content writing etc. These are very useful for students to use their time very efficiently. These are very useful for improving communication skills, technical skills and logical thinking.

In the above methods students can improve their skills apart from academics.

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