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How do you make it so that someone can mail you by just clicking on text

An email link uses the mailto: protocol and gives the user easy way to communicate with you. To create an email link add an anchor link with the mailto:protocol indicator and the email address.


<a href = “mailto://[email protected]” > Ask your query </a>

When you are working on a HTML project with multiple developers in an organization. Then in order to let the other developers understand your code, one must use comments and should perform version controlling.

Whenever multiple developers are involved in a project it is necessary to use the right workflow for Git or any other version controlling system.

In HTML 5 graphics can be developed either by <svg> tag or by <canvas> tag.


  • SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics.
  • SVG is based on XML (Extensible markup language)
  • SVG has better scalability as compared to Canvas.
  • SVG is vector based.


  • <canvas> element is used to draw graphics, via JavaScript.
  • The <canvas> element is a container for graphics.
  • Poor scalability
  • <canvas > is raster based.

We can create image maps on the website with different shapes pointing to different links to associate with that- We can create two types of maps:

  1. Server side maps
  2. Client side maps

Using google API we can include Google Maps on your website. It’s possible that the Google Maps API might not work for your map. In this case, you can add a Google Map iFrame instead.

In HTML we can create a new HTML element by using createElement() method and after the element is created, use the element.appendChild() or element.insertBefore() method to insert it to the document.

Before HTML5, application data had to be stored in cookies with each server request.

  • HTML 5 supports web storage.
  • Web storage a provides a way for your web applications to store data locally within the user’s browser.

Types of web storage

HTML web storage provides two objects for storing data on the client:


Stores data with no expiration date.


Stores data for one session (data is lost when the browser tab is closed).

When executing scripts in an HTML page, the page becomes unresponsive until the script is finished.

A web worker allows you to perform all the activities on the web page by executing the scripts in background.

  • You need to use utf-8 (or utf-16 or utf32) encoding to display multiple languages.
  • If you want to have a user specific primary language, then you can use the Accept-Language header to auto-detect it.
  • Use the Content-Language header to show the browser which languages the document contains.
  • HTML and XML are both markup languages.
  • HTML and XHTML are both subsets only of SGML.

In server-sent event a web page automatically gets updates from a server. With server-sent events, the updates come automatically without any manual call. Examples: Facebook/Twitter updates, etc.

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