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Humanity is a virtue related to the inherent altruistic ethics arising from human experience. It is also a symbol of human love and compassion for each other.

Humanity differs from ordinary justice in that injustice against the individuals involved in humanity is a degree of altruism rather than implicit fairness. That is, the actions of humanity, and compassion, altruism, and social knowledge are usually personal strengths, while fairness usually applies to everyone. Humanity can be classified
The “idea” goes back to the emergence of “human” or “humanist” philosophy during the Renaissance (with the predecessors emphasizing the idea of ​​basic human dignity that was influenced by Aristotism in 13th century scholars) and early modern. The concept of humanism in the era. Transformed into modern notions like “human rights”.

** Historical View

Confucius said that humanity, or “rain” (,), is “the love of the people”, “If you want to make a stand, help others build a stand.” That is, the Confucian philosophy of humanity follows the Golden Rule. It is so fundamental to Confucian thinking that it appears 58 times in the anus. Similar to the Christian method of finding God, as long as you are equal or superior to your teacher, Confucius teaches René to a seemingly divine point of mastery. The Confusion idea of ​​Ren is included.

Furthermore, in some positivist Christian cultures, humanity was so important that it had to be capitalized like a god. Compassion, benevolence and devotion are mentioned in the Bible. Proverbs 19:22 “states that a man’s will is his mercy.” The question of altruism is emphasized in helping strangers (Hebrews 13: 1) and the biblical proverb.

** Strength of humanity

Love has many different meanings that differ from the collection of a process that is completely organic and chemical to a religious term. As a strength of character, love is a mutual emotion characterized by attachment, warmth, and usually positive feelings between two individuals. It can be divided into three categories: the love between a child and their parents, love for their friends, and romantic love. It is not about the ability to love love as a strength, as such, it is about engaging in love.

**Psychologist Research on humanity as a virtue

Although the only relatively recent field of study for psychological researchers has been systematically evaluated in psychometric surveys, character strength and qualities[] Has been shown to be positively correlated with psychological and subjective well-being. Spiritual / theistic worldview, what else is there among those who embrace these health associations.

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