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If we are basically used to Java or whenever we talk about Java development or Android development, people usually go with Eclipse IDE. As such, we have different IDEs like we have Netbeans, Eclipse, Intellies. Therefore, we have a lot of options. But according to industry standards, everyone uses Eclipse for web development. In fact when we talk about Android development eclipse we provide some specific libraries.

Various IDEs

  • Netbeans IDE
    • It is an integrated development environment widely used for Java IDE. It is used to develop applications in other languages. Its current version is Netbeans 8.0.2. It is available in many languages.
  • Microsoft visual studio
    • It is a creation of Microsoft and its version is Microsoft Visual Studio 2019. In addition, it is used to develop applications in many languages. It is primarily suited for developing applications for Windows such as WC, WPF and UWP.
  • Eclipse
    • Eclipse is an IDE that is an integrated development environment.
    • Its use is multi-language application. Through this we can easily develop applications in various languages ​​like Java, C ++, C, Python and other languages.
    • Eclipse came in the year 2001.
    • Also, version 4.6.1 says that there is another name for this version which is Eclipse neon. Its latest version is 4.14.

Features of Eclipse IDE

IDE feature
  • open source
    • The first feature is that it is freely available which is open source. This means just go to the website and download it from
  • IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
    • The second point is the integrated development environment, which includes a source code editor as well as a set of platform tools.
    • It also has a debugger in which different options are also available to set a breakpoint to change the perspective of Java and other languages.
  • Widely use java ide
    • The third point is widely used by the Java IDE. It is the most widely used Java IDE right now. We also have a NetBeans, but this Eclipse IDE is commonly used to build Java applications
  • Multi language
    • The fourth point is multi-language. It is a multi-language IDE through which we can develop applications in various languages.
  • Plugins
    • The fifth point is the plugin. The plugin is a bit of code through which we can exchange different types of functionality as well as we can install various plugins like Feinberg to fix our errors in our code.
  • Development application
    • The last feature that is developing the application. Eclipse has different development applications such as Python for Python for c ++ and cd for cdt by which we can easily enhance our IDE functionality.

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