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Idioms and phrases are very important in English. We are familiar with many idioms and phrases. Let us look at some of them… ..

Writes us some IDIOMS and PHRES of America

1.Dutch courage – He gains courage even after being drunk

Even though he was afraid of his wife, he faced her with Dutch courage.

2.Determined – set aside for a specific purpose

His entire pension was paid for his daughter’s marriage.

3.Ate food with one hand – Someone implicitly named enough to follow

In the Shakespearean story, sliced ​​was trained to eat with her husband’s hands.

4.edge of – Move quietly

Seeing the policemen, the thief drove the crowd out.

5.Sit and take notice – To be an alarm

Hearing the noise, the owners of the house got up and reported.

6.Sit down strike – Strike someone until his needs are met

The workers sat in front of the factory and started a strike to increase their wages.

7.Drown or swim – Completely successful or completely failed.

He declined a commercial partnership because he was sure he could drown or swim.

8.stay in – Stay indoors

Ana stopped due to heavy rain

9.Torrential rain – Heavy rain

Yesterday, cats and dogs were raining. resign – Resignation

The Chief Minister relinquished his post due to false scams.

1 1.Stay here – Stay where someone is

He preferred to stay in an IT company rather than replace them.

12.Stick it – to charge high

The flight company sticks to it during the busy season.

13.Stir blood – Full of enthusiasm

Communist Party members were shocked to hear the names of Lenin and Stalin.

14.Stop dying – stop suddenly

Hearing the news of the father’s death, he stopped dying.

15.Strain every nerve – Put in maximum effort

The student strained each nerve to get the best marks in mathematics.

16.Immediately – Soon

When he was in an accident with his wife, he heard that he left the office directly.

17.Hold on low – Restrict one’s actions

They will never decline to tease others. Keep distance from them.

18.Stop at – Break the trip to stop.

On the pilgrimage to Kedarnath, he stopped at his sister’s house.

19.strike it rich – Becoming rich

Some merchants invaded taxes and made it prosperous.

20.Some tension – To stress

Please emphasize your handwriting or you will lose the mark.

21.Tented – pack tents

After encamping on the battlefield for 20 days, the soldiers attacked the tents.

22.Strict action against – to fight against

He had to strive against poverty during the financial crisis of 2007–2008.

Now we are familiar with a lot of idioms and phrases. Join me in the next blog to learn more idioms and phrases.

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