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Idioms and phrases


Idioms and phrases are very essential for English. We all know a large number of idioms and phrases. Let us explore some of these…

1.Abide by – Follow or Follow

Every Indian citizen should follow the rules in the Indian Constitution.

2. About face – complete reversal of thoughts or actions of e person

The minister gave complete information about the face after the incident.

3.ABC (of something) – the basic basis of something

I assume you do not know the ABC of the business.

4.Account for – clear

What do you think your misbehavior will be?

5. Across the board – primarily involving all groups in a profession or industry

The sports meet was amazing as it had the participation of the entire board.

6.Act on – have an effect

The fruit does not work on the health of those children.

7. Agni (fire) in flames – make feelings strong

The deputy manager’s remarks about the newly inducted member increased the flames when the manager was angry.

8. Admission – Officer

This word accepts without any other meaning.

9. Following one’s own heart – following one’s own choice

Without taking into account his parents’ feelings, he was at his heart while marrying the woman

10. Again and Again – Again and again

Even if he told that he had forgotten his bad memories, he is speaking again and again.

11. A rainy day – for the time of possible need

We should save money against a rain.

12.All – Rounder – having many different capabilities

The girl is an all rounder.

He was an all-round programmer [Good at many programming languages]

13. All told – Total

Told 15 shops.

14. All over

When he had a trade deficit for the third time, he knew that everyone was with him.

15. Alp and Omega – Start and end

God is Alpha and Omega. He only knows everything.

16. All Greek and Latin – beyond anyone’s grasp

The foreigner’s dialect for the villagers was all Greek and Latin.

17. In all – in all areas

He was an all-in company advertising at home.

18. All Ends – Completely

He was bowled at all ends.

19. All ears – watchers

Police on night duty noticed all ears when they saw two people talking in low voice in the corner.

20. Equal for all – a case of apathy

He told his servant, “It is the same for me whether you improve or spoil yourself”.

The conclusion

We saw a higher number of idioms ad phrases in this session

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