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Idioms and phrases


What does the back – door means? What does bad blood mean? Okay, now let’s focus on some idioms and phrases.

1. Buyer talk – an inconsistent matter

Nobody understood her baby girl

2. Back Door – Secret

There is no door behind the establishment of that big company.

3. Backfire – create an unexpected effect

He was returned from the boss by the company.

4. Betty Closed – Poor

He was very badly off because he donated a lot.

5.Bed Business – An Unfortunate Case

Death was a rich man, many counted it as a bad business.

6.Last Shot – Miscalculation

He said “Your answer was a bad shot, friend”

7. Bags and Luggage – with all the belongings of a person

The beggar left with his bag and luggage.

8. Meet Someone – Attract

The female superstar tried to stop the accused from telling the truth by paying some money. But he refused.

9. Bed Egg – Not good for any person or unfit person

The manager declared the salesmen a bad egg when it was not able to sell the total number of targeted products.

10.Bargain – ready to accept

He was willing to get less than what he bargained for.

11. Burk Out – Shouting or ordering someone

The ruler used to cut the untouchables to get out of his way.

12. Barren closed – without

Even though he tried his best, the results were barren.

13. Barrier – Barrier

The rich man killed the servant, he became a hindrance to his wrongdoings.

14. Watch as a bat – not able to see clearly

The old man was blind as a bat that he saw people like trees.

15.Bask in – Enjoy

She came to light while her mother was alive.

16. Against Stone – Protest

Napoleon fought against Richard Wellesley, but was defeated.

17. Big – Obstacles

Do not interrupt the conversation of others.

18. With Age – Happy and Cheerful

When he proposed to her, his mind was smiling with joy.

19. Better closure – more comfortable

He is better now than he was seven years ago.

20. With One Hand – Offer Help

Will you hold her hand?

21. Death of Bette – Very tired

The employee eventually succumbed to overwork in the office.

22. Beat the Record

He beat the Olympian’s record.

23. Betty – repent

The soldiers were killed by the terrorists.

24. Out – Support

Please tolerate my action.

The conclusion

By now, we have seen many more phrases and idioms. These help improve language speaking and usage.

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