“If I Can’t Have You, Nobody Will Be” – The Science Behind Acid Attacks


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The Psychology Behind Acid Attacks

Do we know what an acid attack is? We have seen many cases. Everything we did was spread on the face of the (living) survivor, pitying, and then forgetting the incident because it had not happened. Apart from confronting the acid attack Survivor (physical), the emotional trauma he suffered due to society is the worst. Most survivors will not come out without covering their affected areas, they are not ashamed, they are just concerned with scaring society. Whenever people see someone with a mark, they avoid them. Let’s leave all our prejudices and start your own blog j

Acid Used:

It is cheaper in South Asia and anyone can buy acid, even 90% concentrated acid for bathroom use. In India and Pakistan, it is only Rs.12 and Rs.21. If the acid is weak, yet not diluted (to reduce its acid nature mixed with water) it is dangerous to use. The acids commonly used on survivors are Sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric acid. Sulfuric acid is dangerous out of all. Sulfuric acid is called Oil of vitriol.

Sulfuric acid image

Acid attacks not only damage the skin but it penetrates through the skin and affects the bone. Acid attack said that the country is Britain but apart from our country the fact is that the survivors in Britain are men. Yes, acid attacks (67%) occur on men, most of which are caused by gang violence, but globally 80% of attacks are against women and girls.

The reason behind acid attack:

Gender inequality and discrimination is the main reason in society, once their ego gets hurt, men acid attack women or girl. Denial of marriage or proposal, its form, jealousy, refusal of doubtful mind (like an affair). Some rare causes are social status, religious (if other religious girls study or work). They are giving a message to women “If you, women disobey hegemonic gender theory and norms, then you are punished in a cruel way. It is just women control

Other reasons are Those who need to be punished are not punished, They are roaming free. although First attack The law was not issued in 1990, it was punished It took several decades to issue a law. In 2013, a law was issued against men who commit acid attacks on women. There is section 326 in the Indian Penal Code, which can carry a minimum sentence of 10 years imprisonment, with a fine which may extend to life imprisonment. But we knew that this had not changed anything. 1400+ cases have been reported between 2017 and 2018.

Some people are not even ready to believe the words of the survivors. In Assam, a girl and her family are attacked by a group of men for rejecting her offer. The family and police blamed the survivors for the acid attack.

The family alleges that if it is not for her, their family will not be “humiliated” (but they have no family without children). When he informed the police, he (very) alleged that he was attacked because of his “immoral character”. Clearly, all factors favor guilt. First, We need to support the survivors by accusing her “character” Since this is completely irrelevant.

https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/612928/Video-sulphuric-acid-skin-experiment – This link shows how it reacts with the skin. When acid contacts the skin:

  • First, there will be one Hot sensation Pain in the affected area before stimulating
  • Will be skin Swell and shrunk Due to chemical reaction
  • If it is concentrated acid then it will enter the skin and Affects the bone (skull) Burn leading to third or fourth degree.
  • It will take fOur months to heal properly At that point it is important to prevent infection
  • But there will be scars, this will be the reason Blindness If it is not treated or if the acid is strong

first aid ;

If you are suffering from an acid attack on someone, try first aid after calling an ambulance:

  1. to water For at least 20 minutes on the affected area or until the hot sensation subsides
  2. (Use clean and cold water, do not rub with hands or any material will spoil it)
  3. Remove accessories and clothes, remove all jewelry (necklaces, earrings, chains) to avoid chemical reactions from acid-soaked clothes.
  4. Do not apply any anti-septic Cream or any cream will delay this treatment
  5. Do not strip the affected area Or do not cover the affected area with cotton or any cloth
  6. If the eyes are affected by acid, Prevent survivors from rubbing their eyes, Add clean cold water until the sensation subsides

Plastic surgery – a boon for survivors

The skin will be destroyed or severely damaged to give a new life to acid, plastic surgery survivors. Several factors are required to determine surgery:

  • At which place in the area is acid affected?
  • How long is the acid in contact with the skin?
  • What Acid Used? Whether it is concentrated or thin?
  • How much acid spreads in the skin?

Although we cannot get past faces, survivors can resume their lives with a new identity. We cannot predict when the event will happen, but we can stop educating gender equality, teach us to accept failures, rejection. Everyone has the right to make choices in life. Let them choose it (we won’t like it when someone tells us it’s right to change their opinion!). Try to appreciate inner beauty (this is the “real” beauty you are). that’s it for today

See this link for Survivors Story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLDziQ8umVw&vl=en

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