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Detailed analysis of abortion

We apologize for two things: if we have done something that hurts others, we have done something that is difficult to accept now but not in the future. I am going to divide this blog into part1 and part2: here we are going to look at the theoretical process for abortion. We need to know the topic before making a decision or jumping into a debate / discussion. This (a little vague, but it’s going to be worth it) science class, well stop chitchat and go to topic 1 the

Causes of miscarriage

It’s a very personal choice, so let’s shake up all our prior decisions because they know what’s good for them90% of abortions were done in the first trimester Before pregnancy (first 10 weeks of pregnancy), the reasons are:

  • Unexpected pregnancy
    • In its teens
    • If they already have enough children
    • When they are not (mentally) ready to have a baby
    • If they cannot raise a child (financial status)
    • As a result of intoxication or assault
    • Does not support raising a child (by family or partner or both)
  • There is something wrong with the fetus (no heartbeat, chromosomal problems)
  • Maternal baby gives birth to a baby (too weak to have a baby)

What is the meaning of abortion? And its type

An abortion is of two types depending on the duration of your pregnancy, if you are pregnant for less than 10 to 20 weeks, you will be prescribed a medical abortion, older than 20 weeks Surgery To miscarry a child (its pills are too big to use)

Medical abortion:

If you are in the first trimester then you will be recommended to take MifePristone and Misoprostol Which is 98% effective. Mifepristone will be taken with water, it inhibits progesterone (responsible for widening of the uterus to keep the baby). Contract the uterus, some women may feel some pain at all.

Mifepristone was taken after 34–46 hours after misoprostol. It will be kept in two cheeks for 20 minutes. This causes the uterus to shrink and the cervix widens, miscarriage will begin within 3 hours. Heavy bleeding may include lemon-sized clots that will last for a few hours. The entire process will be done within 24 hours.

Side effects:

  1. Diarrhea,
  2. Vomiting or nausea,
  3. Twitch,
  4. Fatigue,
  5. fever

24 hours after taking the pills, it is recommended to use some pills for these side effects:

  1. loperamide For diarrhea,
  2. dimenhydrinate For nausea,
  3. For strong cramps – Naproxen and ibuprofen

Seek a doctor

  • If you are soaking 2 pads for more than 3 hours
  • Bleeding involves a lemon-sized clot over 3 hours
  • The cramp does not decrease even after taking the medicine
  • 38 degrees cellucus, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness during more than 24 hours after taking fever

When medical abortion is not advised

  1. You are not sure about your pregnancy
  2. ectopic pregnancy – Not forming a fetus on the lining of the uterus
  3. intrauterine device(IUD) Cannot be removed
  4. Uncontrolled asthma
  5. Severe anemia
  6. bleeding disorder – Problems in blood clotting
  7. Addison’s disease – Endocrine gland malfunction t
  8. porphyries – Hepatic disorder affecting the skin or nervous system
  9. Allergic to both abortion pills

If you have one of these problems, you may be prescribed for surgical abortion.

(PS this is going to be a smaller blog than the following blog, but knowledge is knowledge) to

Surgical Abortion:

Will be advised after surgery 21 to 25 weeks which is rare and only 1.2% Will be displayed. Under extremely fatal anomalies with only legal permission and safe surgery. It is also known as DNC Or Dilation and Curettage

Clinical reason

  1. Abnormal or severe bleeding
  2. Severe cramps
  3. Found in abnormal cervical cells Pap smear
  4. Difficulty getting pregnant

In the now smaller version of the DNC, you will be given general or local anesthesia, the doctor will give a rod-like structure device (Laminaria) In the cervix. It will be expanded, removed by absorbing fluid from the cervix to widen the passage. now Speculum In the vagina to widen the vagina to have a clear view of the cervix.


A series of smooth rods in different sizes will then be inserted into the cervical mouth. To widen the cervix until it is 6–9 mm wide, doctors will then perform Hysteroscopy (Rod with torch and camera to see inside). Now curatives that remove the fetus by surgical or suction method will be performed.

And that’s it, now we know what abortion is and how the pain will happen,Don’t judge anything still is still. It is just a motion picture, yet a film. Continue reading Part 2 of this blog to learn about a woman’s suffering, their guilt, regret, physical, emotional pain and trauma. Nothing is easy for them. Let’s be curious in part 2

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