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  • India, which has a history of conflict with Pakistan and China, has faced wars and intrusive threats in sensitive military states.
  • The President of India is the supreme commander of the Indian defense system.
  • The entire administrative control of the Armed Forces is in the Ministry of Defense.
  • The Defense Minister is responsible to Parliament for all matters related to the defense of the country
  • The Indian defense system is divided into three services


  • The head of the army is estimated at 1,200,000.
  • The Indian Army is the second largest army in the world in terms of military personnel.
  • The basic responsibility of the military is to protect the territorial integrity of the nation against external aggression.
order the headquarters
Western command Chandimandir
Eastern command Calcutta
Northern Command Udhampur
Southern command Pune
Central command Lucknow
South western command Jaipur

Air Force

  • Head of Air Force Staff of Air Force Chiefs: 115,000 approx.
  • The Indian Air Force is headed by the Air Force with its headquarters in New Delhi.
  • They are assured by six Chief Staff Officers, Chiefs of Air Force, Chiefs of Air Force, Deputy Chief Officers, Air Officer in-charge Administration, Air Officer-in-Charge Personnel and Training, and Inspector General of Flight Safety and Inspection.
order the headquarters
Western command new Delhi
Central command Allahabad
Eastern command Shilong
South western command Jodhpur


  • The head of the Indian Navy is the Chief of the Naval Staff with headquarters in New Delhi.
  • He is assisted by the Deputy Chief of Naval Staff, the Chief of Personnel, the Chief of Materials and the Deputy Chief of Naval Staff.
order the headquarters
Eastern command Visakhapatnam
Western command Mumbai
Southern command Kochi

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