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Another gender other than male and female

Whenever we fill an application, we see only two genders – male / female. But nowadays we can see male Female Other. In my previous blog I shared about LGBTQ +, but “T” I did not elaborate. Have you ever wondered what the “other” is? Is it transgender only? Do we know what transgender really is? Are there only 3 genders? We can find answers to all these questions in it. And how does Intersex hide behind the word “others” without identity, what is the reason they are such? Let’s get on the topic!

How gender are you

We think there are only three genders – male, female and transgender. but it’s not like that At least 58 sex, Which is used on Facebook. Let’s see what intersex is in those 58 genders. Which people are intersex? Why are they not familiar?

What is Intersex?

Intersex penis flag
Intersex flag

Intersex is a penis where the child has external genitalia but internally female reproductive organs.. Vise versa for female infants. For example, a child who has one penis but internally has a uterus and fallopian tubes. Intersex children do not develop suddenly, it is just hidden by the parents of the children because their children may not fit the gender mark (male / female). These infants cannot be distinguished as either man or woman, they are both. Another thing is they are not conducting or using hormonal injections to be an intersex.

Intersex is similar to the male / female developed in the fetal stage. before 20th century, this gender is called by different names (not pleasant names). Ie Hermaphrodite, It is an organism that has both male and female reproductive organs. But the use of the term seems to derogatory and derogatory to intersex people. (please Call them using their name. Ask them if there is confusion about your gender or simple method.)

Hermaphrodite fauna
Hermaphrodite fauna

Creature got this name Mythological character hermaphroditus Refers to both male and female genitals. (I don’t like this creature)

An intersex How often is an intersex child born?

Baby in hospital image

1 in 1000 babies Intersexes are born as children, but in the early stages, within 2 years the parents conduct their child. Of the 14,200 newborns, 18 were found to have unexplained genitalia, which is 1.3% in 1000 infants. Parents are forced by some doctors to say that there is a tumor, some intersex people do not want to operate but “some” doctors give the wrong advice.

How are they found?

Chromosome analysis, This will be done in infants to find out defects in their genitalia. (❌Alert! ❌) It is illegal to perform chromosomal analysis (karyotype analysis), usually it is used to find out the sex of the infant (this can lead to miscarriage). A human has 46 chromosomes, if a human is a male. XX chromosome, if it is female it will have one XY chromosome. But for intersex people – it is classified into 4 types, we will discuss some topics in this blog. They are having DSD (sexual development disorder).

Mullerian is incomplete intrauterine masculine with or without the presence of structure.

Are transgender, transsexual and intersex the same?

No transgender is a common term It refers to all sexes except male and female. Transgenders have different identities (feelings) than what was given at birth. People from intersex are born with sexual differences.

transexual No longer used for a few decades, people are taught that people who have different feelings from their gender are considered mentally ill and sexually vulnerable, so using it is abusive (❌ ❌) The following words are not offensive. If you don’t want people ❌ ❌) “tranny”, “slur”, “she-mail”, then-trans people in the porn industry, “chick-with-dick”, refers to hesitation, hermaphrodite.

Transgender image

Type and reason

  • Male intersection,
  • Female intersection,
  • True gonadal intersection,
  • Undefined intersex

Male conscience

also called 46, XX intersex, This is due to a Female fetus with excessive testosterone levels in mother’s body The one that made the labia (folded layer on the vagina) would stop and enlarge to become a penis. This person will have a normal uterus, fallopian tube (in normal period).


congenital adrenal hyperplasia (This is the most common reason) – It is a genetic defect in the conical shaped adrenalin gland at the apex of the kidney.

Male hormone encounter(Androgens or testosterone in the mother’s body).

Or male hormones specifically produce tumors Ovarian tumor

Aromatase deficiencyAromatase functions to convert testosterone to estrogen, But lack of aromatase leads to an increase in testosterone. This polenta is found before puberty

Female intersex

this is 46, XY intersex, this person has a male chromosome but female genitalia, Fully formed or halved or absent. The presence of testes depends on the number of male hormones.

  1. Problem with testis formation: The testicular function is to produce male hormones if it is neither fully developed or absent.
  2. Testis not built: Different stages and stages are required to develop testes, various enzymes required to support growth can cause problems in the testis when there is a deficiency or absence of enzymes.
  3. Testosterone Immunity: Some people have immunity or antibodies against male hormones and cannot use male hormones.

Sach Gonadal Intrex

These people have Both testes and ovaries, 1 testis and 1 ovary. The external genitalia are ambiguous, may be male or female. They have XX or XY or both chromosomes. The causes are unknown but recent animal studies have revealed exposure to pesticides. They are called real hermaphroditism.

Predetermined intersection

Above sexual development, the disorder includes 46 XX, XY chromosomes. But some intersex people have 45 X0 (absence of a sex chromosome),47 XXX, 47 XXY has extra hormone either X or Y. They have the same vague genitalia, but sex hormone levels may vary. The reasons are unknown.


Unclear genitalia at birth

Unexpected youth

Post or absent puberty

Enlarged clitoris

Penis not on tip (hypospadia)

Labia fusion

Most people have undergone childhood surgery before the age of 2, after age children recognize their gender. If you realize that they leave it before they know it, some may not be under the knife, they like how they are (I know parents are worried), but they are adults. Yes, it is their choice. The important thing is to have a good doctor (who supports your decision) watch the video below to learn about the people who support intersex. That’s all for today

Proud to be an intersex

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