Invention and development of computer mouse


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First computer mouse

The first computer mouse was built in 1964. It was invented at Stanford University. The original design was made of a block of wood. It had two vertical wheels downwards to record the motion in both directions. This meant that whoever pulled the mouse in one direction was pulling one of the wheels sideways, which meant that it was probably not smooth at all.

The first mouse was made in 1964 and the bottom of the mouse

Further development

Then different types of spouses were invented, one of them being Tandy Mouse. This mouse was developed in the 1980s. Inside the Tandy mouse, a stainless steel ball was used. The ball was heavy enough to allow good friction with the surface. And two rollers were used inside the mouse to move it in the x and y directions. And these rollers were connected by potentiometer. But the design was not so suitable. Because at some point the rollers will stop moving.

Mouse in Mouse and Mouse in 1980

Now taking a step forward in mouse development, the next mouse had a steel ball coated with rubber. Therefore, its weight was sufficient but the surface had more friction. And this design of the mouse also included rollers but they were not connected to the potentiometer. On the sides of the rollers, optical sensors were used. Sensors were used to detect the presence or absence of light. So, such a spouse was known as an optomechanical mouse, because it includes optics and is also mechanical. But one of the biggest problems between these spouses was that the rollers and balls would not work properly if dirt accumulated. And most people had no idea how to clean the mouse.

Rubber ball mouse

Then came the optical mouse. These spouses were sold for PC and Sun workshops. These mice required a special type of mouse pad. It was a grilled pad. Two lenses could be seen in the mouse’s backside. While a lens operates. The pad was designed with horizontal and vertical reflective lines. The vertical lines were only reflectors of infrared rays. And the horizontal lines were reflectors of red light. Therefore the mouse consisted of two LEDs, one red and the other infrared and both of them downwards. It has two identical lenses. It also has a horizontal and a vertical sensor. They are designed to take light as a line, and they are perpendicular to each other. And it also included two mirrors that reflected light from the LED to the sensor.

First optical mouse

Now, let’s move on to the modern optical spouse. These stones have a camera that looks at the surface. It has a sensor. It has an LED that illuminates the surface. It also has a micro-controller. The micro-controller’s job is to read the movement information from the sensor and the position of the button and scroll wheel. And then it converts the data into a PS / 2 compatible data stream. In older mice, 2 chips were used for the purpose, but in the modern mouse, both of these chips are combined into one chip to reduce the cost of the mouse.

Modern optical mouse

Bluetooth mouse

Radio waves are used to operate a Bluetooth mouse, as radio waves can easily penetrate through solid objects. Whenever the mouse provides some information, it is sent to the desktop in encrypted form. And the desktop then converts the information into appropriate data. And are used for this type of mouse frequency hopping spread spectrum technique.

Bluetooth mouse

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