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What does IoT mean? Why should we need to learn it? Will learning this serve us in the future? Does it have anything to do with 5G? …


The Internet of Things or IoT is one of the trending technologies used by people in different parts of the world.


The use of more sensors increases the machine’s capabilities to achieve the process of artificial intelligence.


Discussions about IoT began in the 1980s and 1990s.

The term IOT was defined by Calvin Aston in 1999, but publicity on it takes a decade to make its appearance.

Starting period:

The process of obtaining output in earlier times takes longer than now. And there is no way to communicate with objects in the system using large chips.



In general, IoT is nothing but connecting with different sensors in different objects to communicate with each other without a huge latency and human intervention.

Technical improvements:

After the introduction of powerful chips, reduced in size and in a cost-effective manner. This makes the system more consistent with improved levels of artificial intelligence.

Internet :

The development of the Internet paved the way for the rapid development of IoT by connecting physical devices together through the Internet.


An era of 5G IoT is expected to reach a surge of success in each, and every, worldwide.


Sensors such as motion sensors or thermostat sensors are used in light bulbs on highways to track the presence of humans.


To control switching automatically and on its function without the involvement of any physical operation.

Nowadays, the bulbs used in the home to turn on and off the bulbs have acquired the ability to convey it through apps in the phone

Jet engine:

. It has been developed not only in daily essentials, but also in jet engines to track fuel consumption to increase operational efficiency.

The performance of the process improved with the introduction of RFID tags and IPv6.


IPv6 helps identify devices based on their own IP address which allows us to communicate with it in an easy way.


RFID tags were used in high-cost devices to determine the location of the device to indicate that it was the first IoT device.


Tech analyst companies like IDC made their prediction that in the year 2025, 41.6 billion devices will be connected to the Internet as IoT devices.


The benefits of IoT are usually based on implementation, agility and efficiency.

the creator:

Manufacturers benefit by adding sensors to their products to achieve performance results for their devices and subsequently improving it.


The use of IoT in enterprise is divided into two classes. Plant and equipment production.

Generating plant:

Used to detect the efficiency of sensor systems in building plants.

And to investigate the appropriate amount in the use of elements in the manufacturing process.


Equipment based benefits for improving efficiency and for better utility of consumers are converted into smart devices in machines like air conditioning.

Industrial IOT:

Industrial IoT is unlike enterprise devices used in the home

They are used for the purpose of using a combination of sensors, wireless technologies, AI, and machine learning capabilities to measure and optimize the process.

Smart Device:

Smart devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo etc. are consumer beneficial IoT products.

Such type of devices are used by people to do smart work like playing music, controlling other smart devices etc.


There are some levels of automation using sensors as IoT devices such as using multiple sensors in the area of ​​security, power stations and automated devices, and more.

Software :

Due to the software used in IoT devices it is more convenient for hackers to hack the devices and turn them under their control.


Failure of the sensor in the power station can lead to destruction of the entire system.

Automated devices use most sensors for automation failures in sensors and hacking it by hackers causes more dangerous things for us.


The invention of smart devices in IoT led to significant improvements from jet engines to our toothbrushes.

Properly using equipment can protect humans from dangerous things.


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