Is homework really necessary ??


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Importance of homework

This has been the most debated topic among researchers so far. For decades, they have been researching the pros and cons of homework. Although teachers consider homework important for children’s educational progress. But sometimes homework is actually too busy for children as well as parents. Most of the time, children make some excuse for not doing homework, which makes it difficult for parents as well as teachers.

According to some research, nowadays kindergarten children and elementary school children (ie up to fifth grade) spend an average of 2.9 hours per week on homework. Sixth to eighth grade children spend about 3.2 hours per teacher for homework per week. And children from ninth to twelfth grade spend about 3.5 hours per teacher per week. This means that if a high school student has 5 teachers, he spends about 17.5 hours per week on homework.

People’s thoughts

In support of homework, people say that homework helps in making academic progress. They also believe that through homework, parents can monitor the child’s education. While opponents believe that homework creates additional pressure on children. This can increase stress and reduce their leisure and sleep time. Thus as tensions rise, children try to cheat, which adds no value to their academics. And due to these reasons, children are not getting enough time for outdoor games. And the lack of these physical workouts can harm their body. And due to the pressure of that study, they are not able to develop their external talents. It can also affect students’ social relationships with their friends, family, relatives, etc.

10 minute rule

according to this Harris Cooper, PhD, Duke University Social Psychologist, USA Homework can produce academic benefits but not for all students. It is true that homework can help to advance the development of various skills such as time management skills, regular study habits and personal responsibility. But there is a special limit by which a student can absorb studies. So a lot of homework can cause unnecessary stress on children.

but Cooper The 10-minute rule of homework strongly holds. According to him, students should be given homework in the class in which they are studying. A maximum of 10 minutes of homework should be given to first grade students and a maximum of two hours of homework to high school students. And there are many educational associations that support that limit.

A recent study by Ruben Fernandez-Alonso, PHD. And his colleagues showed that students who were regularly assigned homework on mathematics and science scored better on standardized tests. But when children told that their marks had more than 90 to 100 minutes of homework.

The conclusion

To sum up, it can be said that homework is important. It is necessary to achieve educational goals. And it also helps to develop certain characteristics within the child. But everything should have some limitations. Even for homework, students should not be burdened with homework. Homework should be given in small amounts so that students have time to invest in additional activities. And for the all-round development of the student, they should be given some time and opportunity to explore themselves.

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