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Java Script, it is related to a computer and technology system. And computer language.

Originally, the JavaScript engine was only used in web browsers, but is now included in some servers, typically Node.js.

They have also been included in a range of frameworks such as electron and cordova generating applications.

** What is Java Script ..

JavaScript is a dynamic programming language for computers.

It is lightweight and most often used as part of a web page, the implementation of which allows users to interact with client-side scripts and create dynamic pages.

** Using JavaScript ..

While HTML and CSS are languages ​​that structure and style web pages, JavaScript assigns interactive elements to web pages that engage a user.

JavaScript with HTML and CSS is one of the main technologies of the World Wide Web.[8] JavaScript allows interactive web pages and is an integral part of web applications.

It is used for client-side page actions by the vast majority of websites[9], And all major web browsers have a dedicated JavaScript engine to execute it.

JavaScript supports event-driven, functional and mandatory programming styles as a multi-pattern language.


1993 saw the introduction of the Mosaic web browser.

It played a major role in the rapid development of the nascent World Wide Web, the first browser with a graphical user interface accessible to non-technical people.]Mosaic.

The then major developers formed the Netscape Company, which in 1994 launched a more polished browser, Netscape Navigator.

The most used browser became a fast navigator

** Related Network.

A common misconception is that JavaScript is like or closely related to Java.

It is true that both have a C-like syntax (its most immediate common ancestor language is the C language).

Both are usually sandboxed (when used inside a browser), and Java is designed with Java’s syntax and standard library.

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