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My life is nothing without my friends. In everyone’s life, there was someone who is always with you, supporting more than anyone. This blog is for my friends Those who would listen to my stupid things, protect me when I felt weak, comfort me when I thought I needed someone, for those who are still with me (bear my temperament doing). My school, college, work friend this is for you. I have amazing friends, learn how to be your soul mate in this blog. Let’s go !!!! 4

There will be many people who you name as friends, rather than giving them the same label. Try to penetrate what you want, who really cares about you. Let’s take a circle with three layers:

  • Outer red layer
  • Middle orange layer
  • Inner green layer

Outer red layer:

Who are these people Is dangerous for your development. If you have shared anything with enthusiasm, but their focus will only be on how to disturb you. The one who jokes in the crowd, discourages you, makes you feel guilt which is not your responsibility. Your energy will run out. They will not care about your feelings, your feelings. Friendship with them will be one way. You are the one who always took friendship seriously, friendship needs to be handled in two ways. And you don’t need to be discouraged. You will be in a negative environment when you are with people in the outer layer.

My personal suggestion would be It’s okay to be alone by having these kinds of people as friends(Wolf in sheep’s clothing). I faced these people too but I ignored them, you can choose wisely whether to ignore them or not.

Middle orange layer :

These people are risky to analyze, they won’t bother you, discourage you. But there There will be no emotional bond with them. You could spend many hours with them, having fun. They encourage you for some time, relax you but your relationship seems shallow, you cut all ties with them when you didn’t contact them for a while (you feel like strangers ). When you think that you know little about them except for fun.

although It’s not a harmful friendship it’s an empty friendship.

Inner green layer

These are the people who really care about you. You feel comfortable around them, you express your joy, sorrow, depression without hesitation. There will be no decision but care about you, share advice, spend time for you no matter how busy they are (except for some special occasions). They are not someone who will encourage everything you do, they definitely question you. The one who stands for you will come to them for help.

The number of friends here will not count, even if you are a single friend. This is true compared to 1000 fake friends. (I have very few friends but I am happy with them small)

Finding it difficult to distinguish your friends but it’s necessary. To dig up bad connections and spend your time protective of your good connections. For a positive environment, future friends are resources to keep bright and confident.

Go away :

Do not leave your old best friends for good friends, once friends are not permanent Thought they would be everything But now they are not. They Only social media photos will be like ‘friend’ They flow away as time passes. No matter what people mean to be with you. Note I am not referring to your Facebook friends, not all social media friends are real (majority).

Time decides who to live:

Even if we chat with them, there is no virtuality like reality. There is a difference when you approach twice a year and twice a month. The more you approach and share your friendship, the longer you will lose and become stronger. The time we invest is the nutrient for our friendship

Not limited to a circle of friends:

It’s not like you need to spend time with only one set of friends. With whom we spent a lot of time (probably school friends) but when we move on we meet new friends but we still need to contact old friends. We are not bound to the circle We can distinguish and take a new journey.

Become your own friend:

Learn to love yourself, be kind to yourself, treat you like how you treat others. No other person will give more time than you. Forgive yourself, let your past mistakes go. When you have learned to love yourself, all other things like friends, relationships will benefit. That’s all for today

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Group of friends
Group of friends

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