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In Lake Pink. This is a bit strange to hear. But there is the lake that naturally looks like a strawberry milkshake. Let’s read some interesting facts about the lake hill.

Lake Hillier:

Lake Hillier is located near the coast of the Middle Island in the Rechere Archipelago in the south of Western Australia.


A naval explorer named Matthew Flinder discovered the lake in 1802. And so far it is a protected natural preserve.


So far, there is no precise description of the presence of pink colored water in the lake. But many theories are revolving around this.

Algae Theory:

One of those theories is about the presence of specific species of microscopic algae called Dunaliella salinas.

This typical microalgae has high salt concentrations ranging from 0.2 to 35%.

And these salts can generate energy by other parts of visible light except photosynthesis orange and red.


And other theories are about the presence of halophilic bacteria and archaea in salt crusts of the lake, which are established in large quantities.

Which is responsible for carotenoid pigment. And this may be a main reason or contributing factor to turning the color pink.


The Meta Genomics Research Group and the Association of Bio Molecular Resource Facilities conducted a meta genomics analysis on the lake to detect the presence of algae in that lake.

Lake Retaba:

It is not only the lake with pink color in the world. There is another one in the coast of Senegal called Lake Retaba.


Pink Lake is completely safe to swim except when the water is clear, and it does not cause any harm to our skin or body.

Can we drink :

The algae present here is completely harmless but drinking high saline water is dangerous for health.


We can see this vivid pink colored lake with the surrounding forest and Indian Ocean. Travelers can see the shore of the lake by traveling from there through their cruise ships and helicopters.

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