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Planning to buy a new laptop? Confused to choose a better one for you? Why do laptops have too many variants unlike phones? What specs do we need to consider?

The laptop


If you are planning to buy a laptop, but you choose not to. It would certainly be the most difficult task to choose from different variants.

Whatever it is, keep calm and keep reading this blog. It will be more useful for everyone to choose the most suitable laptop for their use?

Even the arrival of smartphones with a lot of features, but only with the smartphone failed to deal with the users.

It requires:

The laptop has been an essential gadget for students, gamers, corporate employees and other users.

Buying a laptop would be a painful thing due to launching multiple models, configurations, categories, different manufacturers, and so on.

things to consider ?

The laptop


Typically, laptops are launched by manufacturers that target different categories of people from different categories, with some compromising less to meet user needs in particular categories.

If the buyer is a gambler? Users should purchase gaming-specific laptops such as predators etc. If the buyer needs it for normal browsing? Laptops with the lowest budget are best suited for them.

The use case has been the first step to consider when purchasing a laptop.


The next case to consider is the processor. It plays an important role in the performance of the laptop.

And two are legendary processor manufacturers. They are ryzen and intel.

When comparing Ryzen, more manufacturers are choosing Intel processors for better performance at better price ranges.

Intel processors are i3, i5, i7 and i9. And these chips have different capabilities to perform different functions.

Users who are buying only for watching videos, browsing and other common uses Intel i3 processors are able to handle these tasks easily.

When it comes to users with needs such as using moderate software, average performance games, and handling certain applications in the background for multitasking, it is better to go with the i5 processor.

The i7 and i9 processors are powerhouses for extreme users to handle tasks such as extreme software, AAA games with high graphics intuitive performance and a bunch of apps in the background for multitasking.

But this high performance cannot come without some compromise. These processors fall in a higher price range when compared with i3 and i5 processors.

If the user needs a laptop for better performance and cost is not their consideration then it is better to go with i7 and i9 processors.

It is a good choice to consider i3 and i5 processors for users planning to buy in the budget segment.

Regardless of the type of processor, testing the latest generation chipset will offer more features and better performance.

graphics card :

Not every user buying a laptop is using it for high-performance games. If the user is a moderate gamer and is very keen on a budget, then it is worth going with an integrated graphics card.

But for gamers who need heavy graphics, it is better to go with discrete graphics instead of integrated graphics cards. NVIDIA RTX 2070 or higher will deliver high performance AAA games and for some budget gamers, it is negotiable with NVIDIA RTX 2060.


Laptops come with different RAM variants like 2Gb, 3Gb, 8gb and 16 GB etc. Students can populate user categories with 3Gb of RAM, with average users and budget-conscious users.

But it is always suggested that better performance will be assured when multitasking with a laptop with 8 GB or more RAM capacity and can handle high-performance games.

When talking about RAM, it is better to check the capabilities in the laptop to change the RAM capabilities when required by the user.

This cancels the need to buy another laptop for more RAM-based performance.


Most manufacturers are eager to provide their products in a diluted manner. But slimmer laptops make some compromises such as lack of some required ports.

Portability has been an important feature to consider when purchasing new laptops. It is advisable to buy a laptop with a USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 port.

Ethernet port will help users connect to wired network for better usage While gaming. HDMI The port is used for gadgets such as TVs, e.t.c.

It is better to check the presence of audio port, and micro SD port. The presence of micro SD port helps in connecting easily when using cameras for photoshoot and editing in laptops.

Bluetooth 5.0 and Down to 4.2 will provide better performance. To use wireless like Bluetooth, 802.11 ac Wi-Fi up to 5ghz is required for better connectivity.


When it comes to display, there are many considerations such as refresh rate, quality, and resolution, etc.

Most laptops come with 60 Hz refresh rates and gaming laptops come with 144 Hz and above.

The smallest available resolution is 1368 × 768, but it looks small for day-to-day tasks. For a better viewing experience with vivid colors, it is advisable to prefer 1920 × 1080 and above.

Users can buy from Full HD to 4k depending on the budget. But these are higher refresh rates and 4k panel battery drainers, which can result in a shorter battery life.


There are currently two types of storage devices in the markets. They are SSD and hard disk.

The harddisk is budget-conscious and provides more storage for a lower budget. When comparing to SSD. Those who require heavy storage of data may prefer hard disk.

But for those who need more speed than storage capacity. SSD can be a complete. And they are more expensive than hard disks.

For those who need storage speed and large capabilities. There is an option for them to consider. There are more laptops with lower capacity SSDs with larger capacity hard disks.


Laptops with a mark of around 2 kg can feel lightweight to carry everywhere and are the most comfortable option for doing any work.

Even gaming laptops are providing with less weight unless some gaming laptop brands provide 2-5 kg ​​weight like a suitcase.


Most gaming laptops cannot deliver enough power to last for more than 3 hours, and this leads to the discovery of a plug every time.
Ultrabooks and discrete GPU laptops provide better battery life around 7 liters and it travels without the worry of plug points to users.


Most brands offer a warranty of one year and more. It is always better to prioritize higher periods.


These are the requirements a user must consider when purchasing a new laptop. And for those who are not budget conscious, it would be better to do better with the MacBook.


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