Last day … on earth? – Psychological perspective


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Time is up, last day on earth

We have no idea what day will be our last, yet we save the alarm for tomorrow. If the last day is uncertain and we die it will not scare us. If you know when you’re about to die, no magic tricks. But what cancer patients will do, they are counting their days, they know when they are about to die. And finally, the day has come, which will be emotional for us if we are a cancer patient in death bed (last day on earth)!

When the movie 2012 Reha we were in awe, “We are going to die!”, “I am going to die”, “I did not do that.” This was proved by May calendar When it ended, we were “We are ruined!” Were like, “Like dinosaurs, we are going to go extinct”, “what will be the species after the Earth’s reformation”. LOL, but it was not the end. We did not die, it was not our last day on earth. But we panicked, think about the patients who died, so now let us see what emotional pain they are suffering from.


Fear varies from person to person, Some people may fear that they do not want to run away, are dying alone, fear of pain and sufferings, there is no eternal life. It depends on what you are thinking, rather than keeping it to yourself, share it with your loved ones. Those you are comfortable with will help you overcome your fear. Share your fears and solve the problem.


Accepting death is a different level of maturity, so the fear of death will turn into anger. Those anger will be directed towards your loved ones, with whom you are comfortable, you know that they will accept you for what you have done. But that’s wrong, yes you have the right to be angry. But you have less time to spend. use that Energy by sharing your memories.

Meaning for life:

At the end of your life, you will think What is the meaning of your life, You may have some expectations, goals, career. Your goal can be a happy family, career. You will review these thoughts (like a video) in your mind, “What is my contribution” Your loved ones are proud to be with you. This is the time when you can share your true feelings when you were done with something in the past. You enjoyed ‘Today’ today.

Guilt and remorse, Apparently everyone made some mistakes in their lives. You may feel that “I did something wrong”, “I missed”, “I didn’t do my ‘job”. What did you do, explain why you did it. It’s time for your children, tell them how to control your emotions, how they should be. Words spoken in the last phase of life are precious

depression and anxiety

Like fear, anxiety The next level of fear is, it also weakens you physically. You may feel trembling, heartbeat may increase, sweating more like panic attacks. It seems that you are having a heart attack, this medicine will be cured by taking anti-anxiety pills.

depression, You feel worthless, worthless. It can be treated by taking anti-depressant pills. Mourning You will feel intense pain and suffering of separation from your loved ones. You may have 1000 things to do, your expectations are yet to be fulfilled. You want to be with your family and friends for a long time, but things will not always be good. Your close ones are also feeling grief, having a different level of pain due to being physically separated and not getting back again.

But instead of thinking negative things, share and do Fun activity on your “day”, Share your funniest, embarrassing moments. Record those things, if you want to share some future thoughts then write some letters, send videos. Looks like you have a full 24 hours to spend with your loved ones. that’s it for today”.

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