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LGBT + people’s feelings

“It’s going against nature!”, “It’s not our culture / religion”, “It doesn’t love at all !!” “” It can be cured by treatment “,” Let’s get you some psychiatric treatment “, these are some of the hurt answers from anti-LGBT + advocates. Here LGBT + lands in their shoes for a better view of the scene. Even That LGBT + people feel shame and guilt for hurting their loved ones by revealing their sexuality. You are LGBT + And struggling to cope with their peers and parents. You came to the right blog to avoid discrimination and abuse. And also for Anti you too, You can get some knowledge about the reasons for your hatred here.

First, we discuss the common things, Love has no gender, color, status. If you are attracted to the same sex, there is no concern that you are one of the LGBT + people. Sexuality and personality are two different things It cannot be related and it is not narrow-minded!). If you think the two are the same then who are the rapists, they are not straight sex people, but they have a dirty mind. SO personality and sexuality are two poles like North and South.

LGBT + people for you

No gender for love of LGBT + image
There is no gender to represent love

Yes, I know you’re discriminating, feeling guilt but it’s not your fault. You are treated as such because you are your true self. First, Learn to make yourself strong

educate yourself:

Homosexuality or heterosexuality cannot be determined by anyone. It cannot be influenced by environment or education. Many people consider it to be some disease and it can be cured after some time but it is not. Children of straight parents will not be gay children if sexuality is influenced by surroundings.

We do not know who we like or who we are attracted to. Sexuality and transgender are two different things that do not confuse them like personality and sexuality. There are also many genders, like LGBT:

If you want to know all kinds of sexuality then here is the link diffISurrogacy .

This will help in understanding that there are many types of sexuality apart from gay and lesbian. Accept yourself, you are different, not weird, you are normal, not taboo. Yes, it will take some time to normalize your sexuality but do not deny or harden yourself. You are not alone, there are millions like you, realizing the same thing but hiding and leading a miserable life. Do not be like that.

Consultation (optional)

Professionals are those who do not judge anyone, educate you, give you proper advice to lead. although This is optional advice, it is wise. Trans people who want to have an operation need to consult a doctor, and undergo surgery. Many of us do not want to share our weakness or our embarrassing situation but it is worth sharing if it is personal and has to shape itself.

experience :

Contact LGBT people who are leading successful lives to feel normal. Live in a positive environment Or being alone for some time. Motivational LGBT Statues. You will overcome guilt don’t worry gu

A very personal decision:

Tell about your sexuality You have your own personal decision. But the one you’re telling is the next choice, tell them to people What are you comfortable with, Do not look at people with open views, sexuality, you will not discriminate. Or ready to accept whatever the outcome may be. If you feel uncomfortable telling (they may misunderstand or discriminate) just don’t tell them, take your time, be mentally prepared and tell them, it will be the reason if it’s your coworker. What if it’s your parents, They are worried and worried about you, then sit down and talk with them, explain to them why you are feeling like this, tell them that no step or violation of it gives a satisfactory explanation.

Of course, It won’t be an easy way But it is so much better than hiding and suffering. Or what you want is No need to tell them Your sexuality without feeling comfortable.

For anti-AAP supporters

To know someone’s world, we must be that person, we must be in their shoes. Whenever LGBT + topics came, we (as straight) became a judge and criminalized people of the same sex who committed a major crime. We can’t be wrong we’re doing this. Maybe we’re really worried about this. Leave all those pre-judged things that are a pure soul who know nothing like going from the womb to being born. So just travel in LGBT + so that people can know their world. Seat belt ..Woooosh !!!!!

* Boom * We landed …Now we are LGBT +… you feel strange rather than your surroundings. You are accused of being you. You are forced to excuse (seriously! Ufff), accused of a crime for going against nature. You are embarrassed, you are abused and discriminated against because you are not responsible, cannot be controlled.

You learned to live a fake life, You are pretending to be happy for your loved ones, so that they do not discriminate against you. They are giving up all their happiness, desires, fantasies, love lives for their loved ones. To cope with them out of fear of abuse and embarrassment. Now we are out of their shoes, we are not LGBT +. Now say how you felt, it is not your fault, so it is okay to blame them and ignore them. (Think carefully).

We are straight people There is always a set of rules saying how it used to be in ancient times And it has to happen. For them, we knew who was right ?! Before that, let us know what to do if you find your loved one gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, etc.

What to do?

When they share their sexuality, do not react erroneously, do not treat them if they have some disease, ignoring or punishing will do the following:

  1. suicidal thoughts
  2. Drugs
  3. emotional breakdown
  4. Unprotected sex

You will lose your loved ones if you judge their sexuality. If you are really worried and love your relatives (someone). Ignore all the prejudices and assumptions you may have: If you accept their sexuality, you may have some questions.

  1. what did I do wrong? (Parenting if you are a parent)
  2. How do my relatives and partners treat us?
  3. This can be just one step
  4. How can I be a grandson? (If you are a parent)

Give up all the thoughts they are saying listen to them :

  • Listen to them without debate and interference
  • Listen to why they felt like this and how long they have started feeling like this
  • Explain that you support LGBT +
  • Stand up for your loved ones whenever they are misbehaved
  • Try a way to accept LGBT + in your religious by giving some suggestions
  • Encourage your relatives to ask their children how they are feeling, to support them

Causes to say “but” anti-“

“It’s going against nature” Seriously, you are saying that we are tribals. We already destroyed 80% of nature in the name of technology. Your worries are not 80% of the destruction but a minor change you’ve never seen (well done !!). Global warming, pollution, deforestation, nuclear waste, hospital, factory waste, war, say there is a different version of protecting our nature (keep up the work you are doing great from pollution)

Second most It’s not our culture.religion friend you need to travel more than 3000 years to learn about LGBT +. Yes before Christ (LGBT +) is a same-sex culture, but it is forgotten after all these years. This is not new, just we are not aware of it (our illiteracy: P). Don’t know much about it History of same sex See this link. At first, I was also shocked because it is not considered shame or crime even before 3000 years, even the Egyptian Persian (King and queen are of same sex This different level is correct !!). No religion opposed same-sex relationships, instead, there is evidence that there were same-sex relationships.

Note Please study history, it is more important to oppose anything and give the wrong reasons.

Many people accept LGBT + in this decade compared to the previous decade, but mostly in developed countries. In India, it is still a shameful act and a sinful act. Be yourself and be sympathetic before accusing anyone. that’s it for today; P

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