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Outrage indicates that you are living in the past. And does not allow the present to be as it is.

Discomfort It shows you that you need to pay attention to what is happening right now because it is giving you the opportunity to change and to do something different than how you usually do it.

anger. It shows you what you are passionate about where your boundaries are. And also what you believe about the world needs to change.

Despair. It shows you that you tried for something that you did not give for indifference that you still cherish.

guilty feeling. It helps you understand the person you do not want to. It gives you an opportunity to forgive yourself. In order to move forward and be a better version of yourself.

It is a shameful thing. It shows you that you are believing in other people about who you should be (or who you are) and that you need to connect with yourself.

the sadness. It shows you the depth of caring you feel for others and the world.

Bitterness shows you where you need a heel. That you are making decisions for yourself and others.

Understand and accept your feelings.

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