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Introduction to making machine

ML is the study of computer algorithms that automatically improve through experience. It is closely related to statistics, which focuses on making predictions using computers. It is seen as a subset of AI.


The term ML was coined in 1959 by Arthur Samuel, an American and pioneer in the field of computer gaming, AI.

Rules related to legislators

  1. Machine Learning with Software Engineers
  2. Image recognition with ml
  3. Natural Language Processing with M.L.
  4. ML Deep Learning Applied to Industry
  5. Applied ML Industry Case Study

An Overview of Data Processing and NUMPY Libraries

In the data manipulation section, you will learn how to manipulate data using poppy.

Data processing

The process of converting raw data into meaningful forms is called dataprocessing.

Effect of apathy

It is a python library that performs a number of operations on numerical data and transforms into a useful form known as Nempy.

Numpy array

Numpy arrays are basically just python lists with added features. You can easily convert a python list into a NumPy array using the np.array function.


We give numbered arrays via the implicit astype function. This returns the array to the newtype.


  • When we do not want to place a numeric array in a particular index.
  • We can use np.nan to act as a placeholder.

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