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Magnetic hill

introduction :

Is it possible to drive at a speed of 20 km / h while the engine is in a closed state? Does a magnetic hill actually exist? Where is it? When can we go there? how does it work? … if it is mysterious right then learn something about the mysterious magnetic hill.

place :

The magnetic hill is located on the National Highway in the Himalayan region. At an altitude of 14000 feet. And the presence of the Indus River near the hill makes it an ideal sight for tourists.

Hill trip:

This mysterious magnetic hill can be traveled in three different ways.

road :

If we start our journey from Delhi then traveling from Manali to Leh is an easy way. Most tourists use vehicles instead of public transport to experience the 490 km distance ride.

Magnetic hill

Train :

We can also reach the hill using trains. Reaching Jammuutavi, about 700 km from Delhi. And we need to hire a taxi to reach the final destination from that station.

Wind :

The magnetic hill can also be reached by air at Leh International Airport. It is accessible from major airports in India.

After arriving at Leh International Airport again we need to hire a taxi to reach the hill which is about 32 km.

the best :

By comparing the above options for road trip travel is better for those who are traveling for the experience.

Airway quiet is expensive to use by older people.

There is a previous train. This is not a suggestion due to the longer travel distance than the others.


The strangest are the strangest things in the world that remain unknown for more decades. Like the creation of humans, and earth etc. there is no option to escape the magnetic hill mysteries. There are many theories revolving around visitors.

Myth :

The myth among villagers is the road once existed for people to go to heaven. Those who deserve it will feel the magnetic attraction, and those who did not deserve it never had a chance to fall.

Magnetic hill

Magnetic principle:

This is prudent compared to the previous theory because it is almost a comprehensive theory in people.

This theory states that there is some magnetic force in the hill to attract vehicles to the hill. It is tested by more visitors from all over the world.

Aeroplane :

The aircraft encountered some issues when up the hill they deviated from magnetic interference in the device. To let them go in the wrong direction.

Visual confusion:

Some people believe that there is nothing mysterious in that hill. It is just an optical illusion created in history as an up hill and a down hill.

Travel Advice:

If you want to travel on that mysterious hill then it is better to travel from June to September. Due to the weather being fine during this period.


It is better to remind you that there are no hotels available for food and accommodation near the hill. Travelers should pack some extra snacks and book a room in Leh to get some rest.


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