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Everyone wants to know about space. But still there are many mysterious places and unknown species living on Earth. Let’s see about Mariana Khai.

In the race to discover human settlements in space. We stopped to learn more about the deepest places on Earth.


Earth’s crust consists of many layers like stratosphere, magma, etc., but there are some places in the earth whose depth is 10000 km or more. And that place is known as Challenger Deep.

Challengers Deep:

The Challenger Deep Mariana was located in the southern end of the trench. It is the deepest point found in the world.


It is believed that the Deep Challengers are formed due to the collision of two converging plates.

Mariana Trench

When both these plates come in direct contact, one plate enters the mantle. And it is believed that there are many underwater volcanoes in the area of ​​the Mariana Trench.

The two convergence plates are the Pacific plate and the Philippine plate. The earthquake event causes the Philippine plate to push the Pacific plate toward the mantle.

After hitting the rocks, it leads to the release of underground minerals. The plate can slide from millimeters to several meters when an earthquake strikes.

As the minerals melt, the magma moves towards the surface and is converted into a volcano.


The depth of the Mariana trench was first measured in 1875 by the British survey ship HMS Challenger. And it was measured from about 8,184 meters.


The trench was again measured in 1951 with the help of echo sound technology.

It is usually sending sound waves and after hitting the deepest region it is getting back into the receiver. During this research, it measured 10,900 meters.

Mariana Trench


It was measured at about 10,971 meters in 2009 and about 10,994 meters in 2010 using sonar technology.


Mount Everest if placed at a depth of about 10,994 meters. The water level will be completely higher than this. And a distance of one mile remains above a layer of the peak.


Recently James Cameron traveled deep for challengers. Unfortunately he failed to see some rare species.


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