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  • Ultrasonic is sound energy at frequencies above the audible range.
  • The audio range is over 20KHZ.
  • Exists as an alternative sequence of alternative 138.

Principle of ultrasonic:

There are both contractions and rearfractions of the appropriate medium. It propagates at some velocity through the medium.

It is also dependent on frequency and medium density.

Ultrasound is actually concentrated in a beam that follows the law of reflection.

Mode of transmission:

  • 1. Pulsed Ultrasound
  • 2. Continuous Ultrasound
  • 3. Pulsed Ultrasound
  • 4.Range gated pulsed dopey

Ultrasonic imaging:

  1. .A-scan display
  2. M-scan display
  3. B-scan display


Magnetic resonance imaging is based on the atomic properties of hydrogen atoms in the body.

Ultrasonic Diagnosis:

  • Echocardiography
  • Echoencephalography
  • Eye scan
Young female doctor’s hands preparing for an ultrasound device scan

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