Monogamy and Polygamy – What is your relationship?


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What is your relationship?

We saw how cheating affects psychologically, we always thought that Love Cant cannot be divided. But there are some people who believe that we can live with many “lovers” or “husbands” or “wives”. We are going to look at monotony and non-monogamy (polygamy or polyandry). I’m not going to do any kind of support, I’m going to say which one is considered the best? (for the world) . What follows in ancient times (history)? And finally, this relationship is not considered cheating. Let’s start 🙂

What are mono and polygamyThe

Single marriage practice

We as a society prefer monogamous, Monogamy implies that only one partner at a time or for a lifetime. There are different types of monogamy depending on the context.

  • Conjugal monogamy – Two partners marrying each other
  • Social monism – Not married, but living, sexual intimacy, and sharing basic resources such as food, shelter
  • Sexual monogamy – No external sex partners if you have sexual relations
  • Genetic monogamy – This (mostly in all mammals) is a connection only for reproductive purpose

And this marital disinterest is further divided Classic monogamy – Having only one spouse for a lifetime, if they die they become celibate. The other one is Serial monogamy – Getting married after the death of the spouse, just one wedding. It is very common nowadays. Which is different from Practice of bigamy – Marrying two soulmates at a time

We knew that most humans follow monopolies but they have extramarital affairs. Sneak past your spouse and an emotional or physical relationship with other partners. It is called cheat. But polygamy is the opposite of fraud. Monogamy is neglected and it is rumored that it is not natural. They think polygamy is fine, we live in the old tradition and force ourselves to be with the same spouse.


Yes, Polygamy is marrying more than one spouse at a time, and other spouses know about their other partners. It is not to sneeze or do it behind your spouse. It is an open relationship that believes that love can be divided and live happily with many wives / husbands. It is of three types

  • Polygyny – If a man marries more than one wife at a time
  • Polyandry – If a woman marries more than one husband at a time
  • A group margin – Having multiple husbands and many wives at legal age.

Polygamy is in society but it is not recognized by law. Various laws, culture, countries encourage or accept or disagree with polygamy.


Polygamous men are marrying more than one woman, we knew from ancient times, Men who are powerful and strong have more wives.. The main reason for marrying more women is having more infants for their family wealth. If they were killed (some of them). The male-dominated society used women as child-givers and for work purposes. Polygamy is also divided into two types: one married wives who are sisters, the other married wives who are not related


Polygamy is a woman married more than a male, this is the rarest. Most of the countries are against polyandry, but few rural communities. Adherence to the tribe. It is primarily intended for infants within the family, inheriting family traits. Property will not be divided like marrying the same woman.


Monogamy and polygamy is still a hot topic, yet there is little to know and know about solutions. Some researches analyzed it Polygamy was practiced in ancient times, not monopoly. But if a new thing is created then it is out for some reason. Yes, polyandry are forced to live a one-sided life. Mammals are not monogamous, so we followed polygamy

  • To produce more babies
  • To build political relations, social status

What was enjoyed were men, there is no limit or restriction for men who have wives. But the nature system like punishment forced us to be one-sided. Venereal disease. If it’s a small group of people, then that person is STD Will die. The population will not be affected, but if members increase, the infection causes infertility. Syphilis, Gonorrhea. At that time it was fatal.

But (maybe) polygamy was not practiced before 10,000 to 20,000 years.

Reasons for adopting monogamous

The reasons are (we know) we don’t want “our” people with anyone. And to protect the children, the mother’s suicide will kill the infants. Then, due to sexually transmitted diseases, there was monotony in the society. Still some tribes after polygamy. Benefits of following monopolies

  • Women born of polygamy are 50% heavier than modern girls (50% heavier).
  • Improved genetic development
  • Parent We knew that in the earlier conflict the child does a lot by following the monopoly, the relationship between parents and children will be stronger (because the father knows that he has a child).

Who has faced polygamy?

A woman who is suffering from polyandry

  • Women need to give birth many,
  • The sexual desires of men need to be fulfilled.
  • Manage home and children

According to a survey of infants, the brain is larger. They need extra focus and breastfeeding. But ever since women were weakened, insisted that they could not. As we advanced in technology and culture, there are no “more childbearing machines”.

Saying and comparing a relationship is complicated, it is not in a relationship. It is with your common choices, personalities, the person / s who determine the bond of your relationship with sexual abilities. Even when you are leading a monogamous life, but not being sexually exclusive (cheating), it is in our judgment. First, see that there are some advantages of monogamy in the favor and opposition of both relationships like honesty, loyalty, trust, emotional bonding. Infidelity is infidelity, divorce, lack of communication, chronic, unnatural.

Things we need to learn from polygamy:

Communications – Polygamous couples clearly state their needs, their situations

Have boundaries– They discuss their agreements, set their own boundaries.

Practicing safe sex – We knew how terrible unprotected sex can be (see this link to find out)

Managing jealousy– Sensitive to your partner, sensitive to petty things is not like a monopoly

Private place – People feel a sense of freedom in polyandry

But still something Opposition , There will be no solid trust or loyalty, no emotional bond.

If you feel that you are satisfied with polygamy, then go for it. It is completely okay to be with your loved ones. But if you have done this then it is not appropriate to image or take revenge. The relationship will not last long, if you are unsure what to take? , Where to go? Refer to it contact To clear your doubts. That’s all for today

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