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Ethical principles are those things that are considered right or wrong or good or bad.

Although morality is often defined as ‘innate’ in humans, the scientific view is that we[How to reference and connect to description or text], Has a capacity for morality

Genetically determined, but the collection of moral values ​​is derived from parents and society, for example, teaching, and imprinting.

Different societies have ethical value structures that vary greatly.

Ethical principles with customs, rules, norms of behavior.


Examining the essence of moral claims is meta-ethics.

Does it include questions such as: are moral statements capable of being real or false, or are they expressions of emotion, for example (see cognitivism and non-cognitivism)?

If they are true, are they ever true?

What is the essence of the facts they express, if they are ever true?

Descriptive ethics relates to what the population really thinks is right and wrong, and stands as principles or oppositions or punishments in law or politics, as opposed to moral ethics which the population must think right and wrong, and from ideas such as sin Is related. And evil. Society usually balances the two in some way, and balances and more diagnostic tests and tools for evaluating ethical behavior are mostly related to sociology and social psychology.

##moral values To lead a great life for children..

to respect. to respect. Many parents make the mistake of only showing their children respect for the elderly, but this is wrong. …
family. family. Family is an important part of life for children. …
Compromise and adjustment. …
Mentality to help. …
Honor the religion. …
religion. …
Integrity only. …
Hurt ane wood never

Value refers to the degree of importance of any thing or action in morality, so that it can be decided what is best to do or how to live (ideal morality)
Specific and predetermined values ​​are ethical systems; They affect a person’s moral actions or are the basis for their intentional behavior.
Primary values ​​are always high and secondary values ​​are sufficient for change.

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