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The .NET Framework is a software development framework.

  • Regarding application development, there is a framework that will give us all the necessary tools.
  • A predefined frame inside which we can work when we call it.
  • This will give us some limitations as well as those limitations as well as providing this necessary tool or structure or anything that is required for application development.

Microsoft provides this framework. Net structure. So in particular it is a Microsoft tool that we use for application development. Application Type: –

  • For example, we can start with very basic console applications that we may have seen in C or C ++.
  • We can also create GUI applications such as Windows applications, web applications, mobile applications and many more.
  • We can also create services like Web Services, WCF Services and Web APIs.
  • If we ask for web application then we have a lot of things for simple asp.net, MVC, Silverlight for the same purpose.

We can also create our own customized library. So .Net will be a one-stop solution for various requirements regarding application development.

The .Net Framework includes a library and runtime environment.

.net framework
  • Whenever we want to start writing a basic program, we obviously need something predefined. For execution, we have a run time environment.
  • User interface, database connectivity, photography, web development and so on are provided by FCL.
    • The framework class library helps us with different purposes of the application.
    • Services can be like mobile application development or anything else, perhaps cloud computing.
    • So all such developments are possible only due to this structure.
    • It is providing us with tools. It is providing us with the required classes as well as methods.
    • Only then are we able to write a particular code for that type of development and finally, when we are done with the code, the next situation is to run the code.

.Net Framework programs are executed by CLR

  • Execution will be performed by the CLR which is a common language runtime.
  • Provide ease of language.
    • This simply means that when we are working with .Net which is a software development framework.
    • As such it is not a programming language, but to create an application we need to write some programs.
    • Application is the logical integration of programs and we must have a programming language to write that particular program.
    • Perhaps for different outlines, this is particularly so.
  • But if we are talking about .net then there are actually many options.
    • Maybe if we are working with C Sharp or vb.net or Python or maybe C ++ or maybe some other language from the list.
    • Common language infrastructure provides the list so we have many languages ​​to write a particular code.
    • Once we can be with that particular code, for example, we have an application and we divide that application into a few small modules and maybe different teams are working on each module and then the end I want to execute them all at once.
    • So it is not necessary that we have to write a special code.
    • If anyone knows that he is fast then he can continue with him.
    • If there is a user or a developer who is comfortable in VB or vb.net, they can continue it themselves.
  • But by the time of execution, we should integrate them all.
  • Therefore at runtime, all languages ​​will be in a common language.

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