New Age of Suspension: Electromagnetic Suspension Systems


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Due to increase in demand in today’s world Smooth and quiet operation Different dampers and different suspensions of automobiles are used. Electromagnetic suspension One of the efficient methods of building a system is Smooth operation. The Earnshaw theorem and the principle of magnetic levitation are used in electromagnetic suspensions. magnetic levitation Constant changes in the strength of the magnetic field produced with the help of an electromagnet are made using a feedback loop. maintenance of

This type of suspension is low and its speed is independent of the others due to the electronic control unit. Due to the response, an error is calibrated and corrected. The comfort of the drivers has been maintained under Various situations Compared with traditional idle road construction with the help of ECU or Semi-active suspension, Electromagnetic active suspension designed can improve ride comfort and handling stability.

Electromagnetic suspension system

Figure Electromagnetic suspension
  • The construction of an electromagnetic damper is similar to a conventional damper.
  • It uses magneto-rheological fluid as a working fluid.
  • The fluid aligns itself with magnetic flow lines within milliseconds throughout the system.
  • This results in increasing the sponge force.
  • When inactivated, an MR fluid behaves as an ordinary oil.

Electromagnetic Suspension Components

  1. electronic control unit
  2. Solenoid and Reaction Coil
  3. Linear electromagnetic actuators
  4. Power amplifiers
  5. The sensor

Comparison between conventional and EMS suspension

Serial number Electromagnetic suspension system Spring coil suspension system
1. more durable early lasting
2. Life is over 20 years Life is about 10 years
3. Electromagnets weigh less Springs used are overweight
4. If the power of the magnets decreases, it is possible to recharge and is capable of repeated use In the spring, its strength decreases or losses require that it be replaced with a new one.
5. Its maintenance is low. It has more maintenance

Future scope

  1. If the coils are placed on the outer side of a magnet, we can generate electricity for charging purposes.
  2. Maglev technology can be used in motorcycle suspension systems as an electromagnetic suspension system to provide for better ride comfort on irregular surfaces as well as on well-paved roads.
  3. Using a self-sufficient control unit for magnetic suspension can provide better handling of vehicle damping.
  4. Efficiency and performance can be improved by using lighter materials to produce suspensions.

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