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introduction :

Dinosaurs in 2020! . Is it possible for a dinosaur-like species to exist even after several years of extinction ?? . Why can’t we see any species in that tank? . Why is the lake so dark? . Where is Nishi living? What about its size? … Many questions may arise after looking at this topic, and this blog will reveal some interesting facts about it.

Loop ness:

Loch Ness is a lake located in Scotland in the United Kingdom. It is about 37 km long and 16 meters above sea level. And the maximum depth is 226.96 meters.

loch ness map

Of dinosaurs:

It is said that there were 7 visits this year. St. Columbia was the first to see the monster. When he takes a bath in a nearby lake, he gets the news about a demon that he destroyed a man and killed him. He has written that on hearing this news he went there and saw the demon. It was the first sighting scene in history.

Decades of invention of cameras are passed which are a way to record the presence of a monster in a photographic way. The first picture of the monster was shot in the 1930s and aired in a group of friends.

The news was published. But a group of people do not accept the presence of demon in that lake.

Sonar Technology:

The sonar technique also involved checking Nissi’s presence with an amount of over 1 million. And about 3 sonar readings have been recorded which assure the presence of large size species in that lake.

Groups of people attempted to search the species with the same sonar technique. They, too, find some recordings of giant species.

Balm Fish:

He said that the lake has eels and large ones that have not been seen by them anywhere before. And he added that the recording in Sonar could be due to the presence of demons in that lake.

This is also due to the fact that species such as fishes traveled in large groups in the water and recording may be due to this.


The muddy water is not so clear that even a face can be seen when looking at it. And there is also a greater chance for the presence of eels. But it is interesting to hear about dinosaurs in 2020.



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