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We know the cause of coronovirus which caused lockout in the whole world, so many things were closed all over the world. And with all educational institutions.

Physical contact is avoided in this period. And students are unable to learn through colleges and universities and schools. And it became a very difficult danger for all.

All countries started thinking about this situation. And decided to close all educational institutions. And started thinking about how to continue the academic session. He started thinking very deeply and decided to do so through online learning.

And when the decision is taken for online learning, the thing is how online learning is done.

Here I am explaining the ways through which online learning started for different stages of students in India.

In India, online classes started for elementary students in television. And the government declared official channels for those students. Those channels are permanently registered. And the government appointed some official tutors to teach in those online classes. Classes are held at special times. Subjects are scheduled at a particular time. And at that time classes on television would be taking place online in related channels.

On arrival for engineering students, the government announced permission for the respective universities and colleges.

Engineering colleges started online classes from April. And every college appointed an official app to continue online classes.

Teachers will upload videos and insert all the material according to the time table. And colleges created a time table for online classes. At the relevant time, teachers will upload videos to the respective app and other social media.

And the videos will be made by their own teachers or other mentors who are in higher universities when the video arrives.

And teachers will post all the materials. And those materials will be in PDF format, which is very easy to follow.

And in the present case, a lot of online classes are going through Google Meet and Zoom Meet. In these meetings, new meetings will be held using links. The link can be shared with anyone. Anyone can join an online class using a hat link. We can join the class simply by clicking on that link. But the device must include those apps to be included in the link.

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