Our elderly: the real torch bearer for all


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Yes, our elders are actually real torch bearers because they show the way in silent conditions, for example, you can imagine that you went to visit the forest via your personal vehicle. In the middle of your journey, your two / four wheel vehicle runs out of petrol / diesel, and it is night time, what will you do? That’s right, we’ll use a torch or lamp to find our way. In such circumstances, only a torch or light can help. In such a situation, the same role is played by our elders and older people. The elderly have gained a lot of experience throughout their lives. They are mature enough to decide between good and evil.

Our elders have gained so much experience in their lives. As we all know that elders are real treasure experiences, “experience is the best teacher”. Their experience can give you a bright future. They can help you find out and resolve solutions in your depressions.

In our daily lives, when we are alone at our house. Our mother and father both went for jobs. If we have grandmother and grandfather in our house, they will help us pass our time. They will share their experiences, their childhood days and many more things. On the other hand, if we did not have grandmothers and grandfathers at home, we could be attracted to many bad things as well as values. And then we will lack values. Young children are imitators. We imitate everything we do in front of children. If we do injustice to our parents or we tolerate them, then surely you will face the same situation when you grow up at that time. There is a treasure of elders. Therefore, we should store this treasure to look bright and happy.

Moral values ​​to learn from the context of elders

Go ahead, do not think that elders are a burden to our society, otherwise consider them as treasures of an experience. For a great future, try to use their knowledge.

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