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Solar System :

  • Among millions of galaxies, our sun is a galaxy in a galaxy.
  • Sun and celestial bodies that revolve around it from the solar system
  • Distance of Sun from Earth is 15,00,00.000 km
  • Distance from Earth to Moon is 3,24,899 km
  • The diameter of the Sun is 13,92,000 km
  • The diameter of the Earth is 12,756 km
  • The Moon has a diameter of 3,474 km
  • Milky Way is the nearest galaxy to Earth
  • The National Aromatic and Space Administration (NASA) America has launched a mission called ‘Mars Science Laboratory’ on 26 November 2011 to learn more about Mars.
  • The rover named ‘Ro Curiosity’ landed on Mars on 6 August 2012

Planet and its important points

  • Planets look like stars but do not have their own light. They only reflect sunlight falling on them
  • A planet has a fixed path in which it revolves around the Sun.This path is called orbit.
  • The time taken by a planet to complete a revolution is called the period of revolution.
  • The time taken by a planet to complete one round is called the period of rotation.
  1. Wed:
    1. Mercury is closest to the Sun
    2. It is the smallest planet in our solar system
    3. Mercury has no satellite of its own
  2. Venus :
    1. Venus is the nearest planet to Earth
    2. It is the brightest planet
    3. Which is also called morning or evening star
  3. Earth :
    1. Earth is the only planet in the solar system on which life exists
    2. There is only one moon around it
  4. Jupiter:
    1. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system
    2. It has a large number of satellites
  5. Mars:
    1. It appears slightly red and therefore it is also called red planet
    2. Mars has two small natural satellites
  6. Saturn planet :
    1. Looks yellow
    2. In addition there are a large number of satellites
  7. Uranus :
    1. It rotates from east to west
  8. Neptune:
    1. ne[tune is the outermost planet of the solar system

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