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Happiness on children’s faces

I have created a blog for rape saying that a cruel thing can happen, I spoke for the pain of the woman. But pedophiles after research. This is the most pathetic I’ve ever seen. This blog will talk about pedophilia, pedophiles, and child survivors. There is always one It is a misconception that child abuse and pedophilia are the same. It is not, it has two different things. First let this misunderstanding be cleared then prepare for the painful journey.

Child Abusers vs Pedophiles

Child delinquents and pedophiles differ. Both became confused because if the same word. But the truth is that child abusers are only attacking in the urge of the moment, in the absence of an adult, a matter of opportunity. I am not justifying the child who has sinned, I am telling this fact. They not only attack children, they will also take advantage of adults if they have the chance.

90% of child abuse is done by people they are close to (Incest), family member. They name it Sex tourism Which is quite popular for child trafficking by traveling abroad. (I am also surprised that they are selling children –A man who traveled to buy a six-year-old boy) is.Chemical corrosion, Generic name aphrodisiac: using drugs on sex traffickers to reduce sex drive (such as a punishment). Everything he did is absolutely wrong. but Knowing the difference will help punish people in the right mindset. Now the main topic.

What is Pedophilia?

Pedophilia is a Psychiatric disorder that is sexually appealing eastward (Who is under 13 years of age, who has not attained puberty

  • Sexual desires,
  • Ideas,
  • Fantasies,
  • Sexual urge and preoccupation

Therefore, child abusers and pedophiles are not alike. But tMost percent of child abusers are pedophiles, Not all child abusers are pedophiles and vice versa. Instead of sentencing him to life imprisonment in prison, he needs to be sent to a psychiatry clinic. He is a mentally ill patient. (Again I am not justifying his act).

Pedophilia is another shocking subtype. Infantophilia– who has Sexual stimulation towards a child under 5 years old (Babies and children). And this type of psychiatric disease keeps on going (now we knew why infants of some months are raped). The one who experienced this trauma emulates it in his lifetime. Not only men are pedophiles Women are also reported to be pedophilesS. But men are more.

(Note here Penis is not disturbed).

I will share Carrie Bailey Website (❌careful Ignore if you can’t see the tragedy), his website is quite long, for it has terrible stages of his life. I will also give a younger version of him (as much as him) now that he is 44 years old, he did not share for a long time, but he is sharing it so that no girl is treated like him. She is leading a happy life with her two daughters, with her daughter supporting Bailey to share her story.

This is his link –

Carrie Bailey’s speech about her past

Carrie Bailey is a girl (no child) living a peaceful life with her mom, dad, younger sister Only till his age 4. The one who turns his past into a terrible nightmare is none other than his father. He called his father a monsterAn animal that eats its cub. (I agree with that too). He is a 4-year-old child playing semi-naked in the garden (After all she was an infant at the time) In the scorching heat with the local boys, her mother was not at home. Her father saw her “daughter” playing as an infant. (It took me some time to type a good-natured person)

His nightmare begins

He dragged into the bathroom and threw in a hot bath, and took a toothbrush, where “even soup can’t reach”. This was her first encounter with a pedophile (demon) father. Whenever her mother was not at home she revealed the deformed animal on her daughter. After 4 years she did what she couldn’t, at the age of 8 when she was playing ropes, he pulled her into the bedroom using ropes to tie her up and she raped him for the first time in life. did. She was surprised, she did not walk for a day, soaked in her blood.

It was here that her nightmare took a sharp turn, she sold it, sharing it with many men. He was imprisoned in the cellar. Spanking, abuse, rape but no one noticed the struggle of the 9-year-old girl. Nobody helped him. She was molested, she felt ashamed of herself, she thought it was the reason she treated him. She survived at the age of 14, then raped, abused her. The terrible incident happened again at the age of 21. (Seriously enough about it)

The warrior

There was literally no one in her childhood and experienced as Bailey in adulthood. Now she is An Ambassador for the Gatehouse Young Women Project in Melbourne. She survived all the terrible things, which led to a happy life. Her father died 8 years ago (karma !!) due to some illness. He felt relieved (yes, we too!) His father abused him as he was also abused by two priests. her childhood. But it does not justify its actions. He is the strongest warrior I have ever seen. Recent rape cases in the US and India rocked him. He decided to spread awareness around the world.

Pedophile ‘born’ or ‘created’:

Pedophiles cannot be created. Pedophiles are born, this Starts at its early stage of puberty or at puberty. Sexual orientation towards children. Kids should have 5 years younger than a pedophile person. At the age of 16 they can confirm their sexual orientation. They watch child pornography (yes non-pedophiles also watch child pornography) but they will organize the video, saving it according to age, size, gender. It states their sexual fantasies towards pre-teenage children.


People who have pedophiles feel guilty for their sexual pleasure.46% percent of them seriously considered suicide, 32% walk at will, 13% attempted an attack. Most pedophiles feel ashamed for their sexual urges, even afraid to seek professional guidance, thinking that they will be reported to the police.

The reason for this sexual urge:

The reason for attraction to children is still unknown. Pedophiles are introverted, low self-esteem, shy. Perhaps they think that children are less vulnerable, easier to handle (easy prey), may dominate other humans. Some pedophiles provide justification for their treatment such as care or love or reciprocity. Some also think what is wrong with having sexual desires for children. They think children are sex-related. These types of people require more treatment than punishment.


There is There is no cure for pedophilia but can reduce sexual urges towards childrenBy n treatment. Many men and women know about their teenage children that their sexual fantasies are rather than a treatment for hesitation. Which would be useful for children like Carrie Bailey. Some treat Cognitive behavioral therapy, Recurrence avoidance, Behavioral treatment, decreased sex drive.

(Note: Try to understand children, educate children, if you know about your sexual pleasure, seek treatment, if they keep themselves in solitude, try to communicate with children Do). that’s it for today! 4

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