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Modern-style mop is being used for cleaning wood floors; Shutterstock ID 244788607; PO:

A person living in a village has applied to a well-known university that he wanted to study. He went to that university and requested the principal of that college that he be given an opportunity to study in that university.

The principal of that university asked him to clean the floor at the time of his return. The person became confused as to what is the connection between the floor in the university and the cleanliness of my seat. Anyway, he decided to clean the floor.

The principal came back and observed the floor in which he had taken his kerchief and wiped the floor with it. Then he told the person that you are selected.

A modern-style mop is being used for cleaning a wood floor; Shutterstock ID 244788607; PO:

I will give you a seat at will to study in this university, the reason behind it is that you have done properly and wholeheartedly, which is allotted to me, I used my kerchief which I used to wipe my face. Used to dust because I did not find any, in the same way you will study from the heart and reach your goal. The person was very happy to hear the decision of the principal.

From this we can learn that whatever we are doing, we should do it wholeheartedly and do the work allocated properly only then we can see good results. We should not favor others or to gain appreciation from others. We should be perfect in our work and feel satisfied with what we are doing that we will be successful.

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