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The Posh Act of 2013 is about the prevention, prohibition and prevention of women. This means that the discussion is about sexual harassment of women at the workplace.

  • The Posh Act has three objectives, which we need to understand is prevention, prohibition and prevention.
    • Furthermore, it is a requirement required by law for every employee and customer.
  • Gender bullying or sexual harassment of women at workplaces is common.
    • But, with the Prevention of Prohibition and Prevention Act, women can protect themselves.

Introduction to the POSH Act of 2013

Introduction to posh

The POSH Act 2013 is a legislative act by the Government of India. It wants to work to protect women from sexual harassment at the workplace.

  • The Act was passed by the Ministry on 22 April 2013 and the rules were passed on 9 December 2013.

What is POSH Act 2013?

What is posh
  • The Act was created to ensure a safe working place for women and to enable a work environment that respects the status of women and their right to equality of opportunity.
  • We see many women entering the work office and contributing to improve the future of the country. Employees are free to choose their comfortable time slots for work and so can women.
  • We also see that many people are facing sexual harassment at the workplace everyday.
    • With the introduction of the posh act, we can stop it.
  • It is good for an employer to provide safe work space for women.
    • A beautiful work environment and some respect for women is their right.
  • They have equal right to work.
  • By organizing workshops on awareness and respect for women, employees can understand this law.
    • It will help in anything that happens in the organization and that is why prevention.
      • Once employees understand what is and is not sexual harassment at the workplace.
        • Then protection from sexual harassment of women at the workplace is automatically set.

Purpose – POSH Act 2013

It has three objectives: –

From year to year the employer is obliged to conduct Bosch Act awareness workshops within the employees. This will help prevent anything happening in the organization. Once employees understand exactly what sexual harassment is, what to do and what not to do and the protection against sexual harassment of women at the workplace is automatically set.

  • Protection of women at workplace against sexual harassment
  • Prevention
  • Redress of sexual harassment complaints.
Prevention mechanism for women

Now, in this act, a forum for a redress mechanism is in place. So if in case they want to complain about sexual harassment. She can give a detailed redressal complaint that accompanies her. The Sexual Harassment Act and these three objectives are very important for the Bosch Act. What are the mandatory requirements in the workplace? Mandatory legislation is of paramount importance for the safe and secure working environment of women. Also, the Ministry of Women and Child Development is making continuous efforts. Ultimately, maintaining the implementation of the Act across the country.

The conclusion

Finally, the Government of India is making vigorous efforts to end all forms of violence against them. It hinders gender equality as well as negatively impacts society. This will also lead to social and economic development of the country. This is the reason why such a step has been taken under the government and the Posh Act 2013.

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