Poverty is not just lack of money


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What is povertyThe

Meanness In simple words, there is a situation where the basic need of shelter, food, clean water, clothing and education is very less. These factors are very important for the proper well being of a person. In today’s world, people measure and interpret poverty very unfairly.

Poverty is not just lack of money, but poverty is determination, lack of big dreams, lack of humanity, lack of honesty and lack of compassion.

Many people have a large amount of money, but they are poor at their heart and many people have very little money, but they are rich at their heart and at the end of the day all that matters How is the person as a human being.

What is poverty in real world: –

Poverty is more than just lack of money

Money, power, home, status, race, vehicle and appearance of a person plays an important role when we say whether a person is poor or not and when we see a person with big house, nice clothes and big car, So we say that the person is rich but we do not know if that person is happy with his life, if he is forced to do some work or if he is a very bad person.

Some people who look rich are poor in real life because they don’t have the drive or motivation to do any work, they spend their entire lives just for money and they can do anything to earn more money. Can do any bad thing, no matter how much they have to do.

If you are happy with your life and you are able to spend some quality time with your family then you are rich. In most countries, poverty is measured by their income and based on that people are placed in the poverty line.

Real life scenario: –

For example, a boy named Manjeet who belongs to a marginalized society where people are racist and do not accept people from lower communities. This includes his caste, color, sex and caste.

Manjeet works in a good company and his income is above the poverty line, but he has no equal right to go to temples in the area where Manjit lives, Manjeet marries a girl from different artists. Can not, Manjeet has the same right to use the same transport as others and Manjit cannot go to certain places due to his artists and color.

The man is poor instead of good income and home because he does not have equal opportunities and equal rights.

People who discriminate with others are poor because they lack the most important concept to become rich and that is kindness, gratitude and respect towards others.

in conclusion: –

Poverty is the most misconceived concept in today’s world and people always associate money with rich people and poor people with low income or less money. We need to understand that poverty is not just lack of money, but lack of humanity, lack of honesty, lack of compassion and lack of gratitude.

We should stop judging people on the basis of their income, race, color and their religion because these things give rise to hatred, jealousy, crime, social injustice and wars and once we do all these things Most problems in today’s society will disappear.

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