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Representative server : Is an intermediary server between the client and the Internet

Original work:

  1. Firewall and Network Data Filtering
  2. Network connection sharing
  3. Data caching

Purpose of proxy server:

  • Monitoring and filtering
  • improving performance
  • translation
  • Accessing Services Anonymously
  • Security

Monitoring and Filtering:

This speeds up the service by retrieving content from the cache that was saved when the client saved previous requests


Source material with original local content

Access to services anonymously:

In this, the destination server receives a request from the Enoxing proxy server and thus does not get information about the end-user.


Since the proxy server hides the identity of the user, it prevents spam and hacker attacks

Proxy type

  1. Behind the scenes
  2. Open proxy
  3. Reverse proxy

Forward Proxy:

In this, the client requests his Internet network server to be forwarded over the Internet.

Behind the scenes:

Helps customers hide their IP address behind open scenes while browsing the web

Reverse proxy:

In this, requests are routed to one or more proxy servers and the response is retrieved from the proxy server as if it came directly from the original server

Proxy server interface

  1. Start proxy
  2. Stop proxy
  3. Go out
  4. Blocking URL
  5. Customer blocking
  6. Manage logs
  7. Manage cache
  8. Modify configuration

Proxy architecture

http: //www.proxy server Architecture

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