Psychology of colors in logo design


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Our brains are naturally programmed to respond to colors. They shape our thoughts and feelings. And according to studies, colors have a greater effect on our mood — it has the potential to change our buying habits. When it comes to online shopping advertising and marketing, colors can come as an 80% change inspiration.

While the assumption that colors are somewhat subjective, some color effects have universal meaning. Here are some examples of how colors are perceived.

Yellow– Can give conflicting messages. Bright and highly visible it is often used in logo design to attract attention to create happiness and warmth. Careful cheers. Happiness. Happiness is filled with positivity. Heat of the sun.

Red-A intense color that can summon strong emotions from the blood and war for love and passion. Use in logo design to grab audience attention and once known to increase blood pressure or starve people.

PurpleAs a combination of red and blue my stream envisions royalty of spirituality and sophistication, it has both warm and cool qualities that it finds in many education-related and luxury product logos. Expensive ceremony Kalpana meri dhara nobility regal justice.

Look at these different colors, how beautiful they look.

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