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Hey all, Welcome to Geeksforjobs

Good morning to all of you, I am Simran Shriwas and here today I am discussing about Python,

You all know that Python programming is very important now a days, as we all know that we all grew up with high technology so we all want new technology in one day now, which is very useful for our daily life And makes our work day easier

** python programming

python is a common coding like c, c ++, c ##, java, ruby ​​ using a day c and c ++ programming is too old so scopes are not closed for our technology

** use of python

Python uses Wikipedia, Google (where van Rosum worked), Yahoo! among many other organizations. Is done for CERN and NASA. it is often Used As a “scripting language” for web applications.

** gamming

Python is also used for programming

So we used games like..Sack Ladder, Ludo etc. by Intel, IBM, NASA, Pixar, JPMorgan Chase and many other leading companies.

** websites using python

With the help of Python, we created websites, applications and amazing features

With its help, we ensure that our technology grows day by day as we all do our work very easily and we ensure that we fulfill our requirement in technology

** What we learn with Python

With the help of Python, we learned very interesting topics and computer programs such as data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, etc.

** How do we use python in government sector

We also use python in government areas. So with the help of Python, we create data frames, data analytics, data charts, etc., which is helpful for keeping data or information of institutions, schools, centers or government property.

** the private sector

Usually we use python program in a program, which is related to CS sector, IT sector, EC sector, where we create websites, games, blogs, web development, android studio, software development, application development Use.

** Conclusion

So you all know about the importance of Python programming, where we have to learn Python with the help of social media.

We all learn python from youtube, coursera, google or we can do offline / online courses in python.

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