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Random process:

The random process is a family of two variable_play space and time functions.

Random process classification:

There are mainly four types of random processes:

  • Discrete random process
  • Continuous random process
  • Continuous random sequence
  • Discrete random order

Random Process Type:

In practical situations, random processes can be classified into different types based on their frequency components.

  • Low pass random process
  • Bandpass random process
  • Bandlemmed random process
  • Narrow random process

Static properties of random process:

  • The statistically random process has three properties
  • Pisces
  • autocorrelation
  • Cross correlation

Ergodic process:

The random process that satisfies the ergodic theorem is called the ergodic process.


  • Noise can be defined as an unwanted electrical signal.
  • Many disturbances of an electrical nature create noise in communication systems.

Noise Classification:

  • Noise is classified into two groups based on the source.
  • 1. External noise
  • 2. Eternal Noise

External noise:

Noise whose sources are external to the receiver is called external noise.


  • Atmospheric noise
  • Supernatural noise
  • Industrial noise

Internal noise:

Noise created within a system is called internal noise.


  • Made a noise
  • Transit time noise
  • Shimmering noise
  • Thermal noise

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