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  • The RRB (Regional Rural Bank) was established on 2 October 1975 under the RRB Act 1976
  • Total RRB’s – 43
  • The credit behind the establishment of RRB in India goes to MSSwaminathan and Md.Yunus.
  • PRATHAMA Bank was the first RRB in India sponsored by Syndicate Bank and opened in Moradabad, U.P.
  • There are no RRBs in 2 states Sikkim and Goa in India
  • RRB’s are regulated by NABARD

RRB Share:

  1. Central Government (50% share)
  2. State Government (15% share)
  3. Sponsored Bank (35% share)


  • Established on 12 July 1982 on the recommendation of Shiv Raman Committee
  • Head office in mumbai
  • The Chairman of NABARD is Chintala Govinda Rajulu
  • It is the central institute for financing agriculture and rural areas.
  • It facilitates re-finance through RRBs and cooperative banks
  • It provides re-finance facility of PSL (Priority Sector Loans)
  • Examples: Agriculture / fisheries / agriculture / cottage industries / handicraft / handloom and other rural development

key points

  • The main objective of RRBs is to provide loans to rural population.
  • First RRB to be established in Eastern Region of India Gau Gram Bank (West Bengal)
  • Goa, Sikkim, New Delhi are states that do not have RRB’s.
  • The Prime Minister of India was Indira Gandhi during the establishment of RRB
  • KCChakraborthy Committee suggested recapitalization of RRBs in 2009
  • The main problems of RRB were high NPA, poor deposit mobilization, debit waiver scheme, multi-governmental control

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