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Reserve Bank of India (Reserve Bank of India)

  • RBI was established on 1 April under the RBI Act 1934, Hilton and Young Commission
  • It was nationalized on 1 January 1949 and the capital fund is Rs.5 crores, Rs.100 crores per unit share.
  • It was earlier the head office in Kolkata but later in 1937 the head office was shifted to Mumbai.
  • It has four zonal offices
    • Kolkata
    • Mumbai
    • Delhi
    • Chennai
  • It has 31 regional offices

RBI Governor

  • Current RBI Governor – Shakti Kant Das (25th Governor)
  • First Governor of RBI – Sir Osborne Smith
  • 2 nd Governor of RBI – Sir James Taylor
  • Third Governor or RBI – CDDeshmukh (First Indian Governor)

Current deputy governor

  1. BP Kanungo
  2. Mahesh Kumar Jain
  3. Michelle Patra
  • RBI has 4 Lt. Governors but, currently there are only 3 Lt. Governors.
  • NS Vishwanathan has a Quit 3 months before retiring in June due to health reasons
  • M. as the new Deputy Governor of the government. Appointment of Rajeshwar Rao

Board of directors

Board of Directors – 21

  • RBI Governor 1
  • Deputy Governor
  • Member of Ministry of Finance 2
  • Members of Local Boards 4
  • Government of India Member 10
  • The total 21

RBI Assistant

  1. DICGC: Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation
  2. BRBNMPL: Bharathiya Reserve Bank Note Mudra Private Limited


  • Head Quarter: Mumbai
  • Chairman: BP Kanungo
  • Founded: 1961
  • Parent Organization: RBI


  • Founded: 3 February 1959
  • Head Quarters: Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • It prints notes to the RBI

Note printing press in india

  1. Mysore (Karnataka)
  2. Salboni (West Bengal)
  3. Devas (Madhya Pradesh)
  4. Nashik (Maharashtra)
  • The 1 rupee coin will be signed by the Finance Secretary and the current Finance Secretary is Ajay Bhushan Pandey.

RBI Functions

  1. Currency issuance
  2. Bankers Bank
  3. Governance bank
  4. lender of last resort
  5. Maintain foreign exchange
  6. Credit Control Monetary Policy

Issue of currency:

The Reserve Bank has the sole authority to issue currency except one rupee notes which are issued by the Ministry of Finance.

an objective :

Providing sufficient quality and good quality of suppliers of currency notes and coins to the public.

Development Role:

Perform a wide range of promotional work to support national objectives.

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