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Construction application

  • Go to search search and click on app
  • Then go to make then we can make a quick start
  • To make new and
  • Then go in and then make them

Type of application

  1. Custom application
  2. Console application

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


JIO is an application whereby we advertise JIO sim and if some people are fond of buying jio sim then they load and for us, jio sim is a product and if the person who shows interest then wants to buy jio sim . Then they will become customers and after buying our sim if they have any problem about the signal .. then it will go to (solution) in case.

Application (JIO) -> Advertising -> Leads -> Customers -> Matters (Solutions)

Business Process:

Campaign-> Solution-> Case-> Opportunities-> Account-> Lead

sales process :

The process of converting a lead into a customer is called a sales process.

Marketing Process:

Campaigning and then attracting leads is called marketing process.

  • Marketing
  • The sale
    • Lead
    • Accounts
    • Contact
    • chance
  • Services
    • Accounts
    • Contact
    • chance
    • matter
    • Solution

Sales history

  • is an American cloud-based software company Head Quarters in San Francisco, California
  • It provides customer relationship management (CRM) service and also sells a complementary suite of enterprise applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics and application development.

Investor and Sal

  1. Salesforce was invented by Mark Benioff and Parker Harris
  2. Salesforce is invented in the year 1999

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