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introduction: is a company name / vendor. We can say in Salesforce that we can store data securely. It is a cloud-based company and does not require software so that we can build our application in any browser.

Product: CRM / Frame Functions / Tools.

PLATFORMS: is a platform for development and you can build your own applications. https: / developer. /

CRM: (Customer Relationship Management)

The relationship between customer and management is called customer relationship management. Salesforce takes vendor CRM and their applications are called Salesforce CRM. The manager must maintain a friendly, trusting relationship.


Camp, lead, account, contact, opportunity. Product. Not related to Salesforce, Dynamic CRM These objects are concepts in CRM.

real time:

If the customer has given some tasks (special) and even given in some time, then the manager wants to do that work in what is called real time.

There are two real-time messengers:
  1. Sand box
  2. production

Sand box:

Sand Box is the testing environment and we will develop applications in Sand Box.

production :

We want to create an account in to use real time. We can call Salesforce SDFC: com (SDFC).

CRM Services:

  1. Infra as a service
  2. Platform as a service
  3. software as a service


  1. Build session: development of architecture.
  2. Deployment: Deployment is used for deployment

We have two

  1. Standard: The application given by SDFC is called Standard. <एसडीएफसी> Given by
  2. Custom: What we make falls under custom.

Standard: Products

  1. application
  2. thing
  3. Farm

Practice: Force. Com

  1. Applications
  2. Item C
  3. Farm

These skeletons or applications, objects, regions are called meta data.

key points:

  1. Logo – Salesforce and will be represented on the Salesforce page for the year.
  2. Search – We called it the Global Search Bar
  3. Username – Our Profile
  4. Setup – We will get the page
  5. Support – When we need help from Salesforce we can click
  6. Applications – What we have created will be stored
  7. Version – We used the unlimited version

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